Ways to Help // October 2017

I’m not going to lie, some days I truly feel like I’ve given up on humanity. These past couple of months have been brutal on my heart, soul, mental health, etc. After dealing with Hurricane Harvey personally, then watching others deal with Hurricane Irma, I felt this knot in my stomach. After the awful attack in Las Vegas, I felt even more sick and frustrated. I want to give up on people every single day. When I look at my babies, I think about how I have to fight to make this world better for THEM! So, instead of retreating, I’m going to stand up, show up, and fight for humanity. I’m listing some ways to help below!

Las Vegas

Puerto Rico

  • This Time article has tons of organizations (big and small) to donate funds. I would check it out to see what organization you’d prefer to see your money wind up.
  • This article from Consumer Report also lists out organizations to donate to and how to identify scams.
  • This GoFundMe account lists SEVERAL small Puerto Rican organizations that you can donate money.

As time goes on, I’m sure we’ll be discussing even more ways to help so I’ll try to keep updating this post!