My Top Tips for Tummy Time

Most babies HATE tummy time or so I hear. Both of my children surprisingly had/have no problem with it. I like to start tummy time as soon as possible to really strengthen my babies’ neck muscles. I also want to motivate their development! In today’s post, I want to share a few pieces of advice that helped us make tummy time a fun time. I also want to share some details about the new rug that helps make our time more comfortable!

1. Do it when they’re happy

I only do tummy time when my kids are in a decent mood. With Baby J, I make sure that he is fed, has been burped and let the food settle, and has had his diaper changed. Once his basic needs are met, we attempt tummy time.

2. Join in on the fun

Most of the time that my kids are playing on the ground, I get down there and play with them! Baby J always seems so much happier when I do this. If I’m going to be down on the ground with my kiddos, the floor has to be clean and comfortable. This is where my incredible Lorena Canals rug comes in! Once I received this rug in the mail, I instantly fell in love! It’s insanely soft and pretty cute too! Oh and it’s all natural and machine washable, y’all! This is the best! No dog hair, dirty feet, or spit up to ruin the rug or make me feel gross while I’m laying on the ground.

3. Give them a focal point

Your baby isn’t going to want to stare at the wall. So either get down there with him OR give him something to look at! I’ve seen some people make really cool black and white cards for their infant to stare at while on their tummies. We’ve been using some of his newborn books and the animals on his play mat.

aiming for august lorena canal rug

4. Take as many breaks as necessary

We have to take tons of breaks. If he gets fussy, I let him fight through it a little bit. Once I see that he is super upset, I either flip him over or pick him up.

aiming for august lorena canal

5. Change up the scenery

Occasionally, I put Baby J on my chest to do tummy time there! Instead of being on his rug or on his play mat, he’s laying on my chest while I lay on the floor. This is also great for bonding.

aiming for august lorena canal

So parents, what are some of your tips for tummy time?

A huge thank you to Lorena Canals Rugs for providing the rug in this post! If you want your own, head on over to their site. Proceeds help provide schooling for children in India!