5 Steps to Take Control of Your Day (& How They Positively Change Your Entire Day)


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ivory. The opinions and text are all mine.

Ivory has been around and trusted for 138 years and I’m thrilled to be writing this post. This brand is called “The Original Gentle Family Brand” and they’re definitely supporting me and my family in this post.. So, I appreciate you reading and supporting the brands that support my family. Enjoy πŸ™‚

take control of your mornings

I’m in a current season of pure busy-ness. The kids are getting older-both mobile and energetic, their schedules are completely opposite and I’ve started a new job, etc. Life has just been chaotic, good but still a little chaotic. With that being said, I’ve noticed my patience has been dwindling and dwindling, each day and definitely each hour of the day. I’ve tried limited screen time in efforts to be more present, hoping this would make me more calm throughout the day. It has helped somewhat but recently I’ve found a few better ways to take control of my day, starting with the morning routine. Here are my top 5 ways to take control of my mornings:

1. Wake up BEFORE the kids

Easier said than done, I know! This is the NUMBER ONE WAY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MORNING! No joke! By waking up before them, I can address my needs first. This allows me to be a much better parent the rest of the day. So just do it! Set 5 alarms and make an effort to get out of bed before them!

2. Fuel and Hydrate

Most of my meals are fast or eaten while standing. Lately, I’ve been trying to dedicate time to slowly and peacefully enjoy one meal. The only meal that is even eligible for this option is (first) breakfast. (Does anyone else eat breakfast twice in one day?!) So for breakfast, I’ve been trying to cut my sugar intake. Y’all already know I’m obsessed with sugar but it leaves me crashing by the time the kids wake up. So I’ve been doing a simple coffee with Nutpods creamer, honey & collagen, eggs & avocado, and a huge glass of water. This is my fuel and hydrate for the day.

3. Get Freshened Up

Let’s be honest, I’m not truly going to get dolled up! This is open to interpretation. Some people love to do their hair and makeup to feel “human”. I personally love some gentle cleansing with a nice, hot shower. I recently received a package of soaps from Ivory and decided to enjoy a peaceful shower with them. The aromatic scent of Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash with Pear and Sandalwood cleanses and nourishes my body enough to awaken and freshen me up.Β It also contains the #1 Dermatologist-Recommended moisturizing ingredient. Ivory has awesome products including the Original 3-bar pack and Original Body Wash! These two are great if you’re in need of a more traditional fragrance and feel!

take control of your morning

take control of your morning

4. Have a Moment of Silence

This moment can be absolute silence in whatever way works best for you in however much time works best for you. You can pray, meditate, or simply sit in silence. I like to sit for about 5 minutes in the only silence I’ll truly get during the day and send out positive vibes. Sometimes I pray, other times I focus on my breathing. Either way, it’s a nice pause before the crazy day.

5. Set Your Schedule

This one is my personal favorite because I love planning things out. I tend to check the weather and make plans accordingly. Obviously I don’t always adhere to the schedule. Having a general idea of what we are going to do helps the overall family dynamic.

So these are the 5 things I try to do to take control of your morning. You might be wondering why having this control is so important to me…

Well, I’ve realized that this schedule brings me peace. This peace helps me to be a more calm and patient mother. When my mood is positive, the kids are happier and the day is overall a much better day. From waking up before the kids to having a gentle, early morning shower, these five simple steps are ultimately the heroes that save our day!

take control of your morning

Thank you again to Ivory for sponsoring this post! Their pure ingredients and simple, beloved formula are one of the top reasons it has been trusted for generations. Ivory is nicknamed as “The Original Gentle Family Brand” and as someone who cares immensely for their family, I love this message. From a company that cares about the family dynamic to myself that cares about making you a better person for your family, I hope these 5 steps help you incredibly! Let me know if they do πŸ™‚