Putting the “Spark” in Your Sparkling Water with Perrier Flavor

I am super excited to say that I am currently on day 28 of my “Whole 30”. It’s been pretty great and I can’t wait to share it ALL once I’m done. A few days ago, someone asked me about the drinks that I’ve been consuming. It honestly hadn’t occurred to me that I was literally only drinking plain water and coffee! I totally forgot about the fact that most sparkling water options are “Whole 30” approved. I tried this awesome drink with Perrier Sparkling Water to spice up my daily drink monotony and love it! So I’m going to share it today!

It’s no secret that fruit infused water is all the rage so I’m not going to act like I invented this, haha. I did, however, choose to use Perrier instead of regular water to give it a little bit more pizazz. I also opted to do a more unique flavor combination!

Step 1: wash everything

Step 2: cut up the strawberries and muddle them in a cup.
I didn’t have a tool to muddle so I used the end of a wooden spoon.

(I chose strawberry but ANY fruit works!)

Step 3: add the mint and mash/stir with the strawberries.

(I chose mint this time but you can add any flavor enhancers! Next time, I’m going to try a ginger concoction!!)

Step 4: add ice

Step 5: add your favorite flavor of Perrier

Step 6: add more ice and garnish, (stir if you prefer)

Step 7: ENJOY!

It’s a super easy, sort of fancy way to drink your water! I really enjoy giving my beverages some flavor without adding any “unhealthy” ingredients so this totally does the trick. Mixing the strawberry with the Strawberry flavored Perrier was brilliant because once the fruit started dissolving more, it was this nice natural sweetness in the drink. Seriously so good!

I encourage everyone to try the different Perrier flavors and to infuse some fruit, herbs, or spices to flavor up your water!

Strawberry Mint Spritzer

What’s your favorite flavor combination?! I’d love to try more!