Slowing It Down, One Morning at a Time (Ft. VitaTops MuffinTops)

Time is moving by so fast. I’ve honestly never had this thought in my life. Life has always moved at an appropriate speed for me. Though, this pregnancy has felt quite long. After my most recent prenatal appointment, I began to realize that this sweet little baby boy will be here before I even know it; 5-7 weeks or less to be exact. Coincidentally, Baby E has been acting more and more clingy affectionate. I could be annoyed or frustrated or upset that she has been acting this way but instead, I’ve embraced it with the fullest heart imaginable.

In about a month or so, Baby E will no longer be my only baby. I’ve been so busy that I never really thought about this but I can sense that Baby E has. I know that we will find our footing and schedules as a family of four but it’s easy to see that the first few months will be a transition for us all. Baby E will no longer have my undivided attention. She will no longer be able to be picked up and snuggled by me at any given moment. My first baby won’t be the only baby anymore and I’m going to do everything in my power to relish these last couple of weeks-months  I’m going to capture and enjoy my last couple of moments with my one baby. In this post, I’m going to share the remnants of one of our mundane but special mornings.

Our mornings are my absolute favorite. Even though she wakes me up way earlier than I would like, it’s always such a treat to see her smiling face first thing in the morning. After I get her out of the crib, I’m always greeted with a question or statement. It’s usually “dada gone work?” or “where Mara go?”. (She loves her family…) But today, my sweet, loving daughter looked at my hair and said “Hair? Fix it?”. Cool, Baby E, thanks for the confidence booster this morning, haha.

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Watching one of her favorite movies, Toy Story

Playing in mama and dada’s bed while mama tries to sneak some cuddles in…

After she gets up, I always have breakfast ready for multiple reasons. 1) I know what it’s like dealing with a hangry toddler and that’s not how we’re going to start our day. 2) It’s both of our favorite meals of the day! Oatmeal, muffins, eggs, fruits, pancakes, mimosas, orange juice, milk… seriously, breakfast is incredible! When I was approached to try out the new VitaTops MuffinTops, I was like “um obviously!!”. They’re a fast alternative for breakfast. This is perfect for our somewhat faster paced mornings. I know that having a quick breakfast option will be great for when the baby gets here. They’re also a really healthy breakfast option with clean and simple ingredients. Once I researched the foods, I instantly went to my nearest Kroger for grocery shopping and found some yummy selections (Protein Banana Chocolate Chip)! I knew that I wanted a variety of flavors to try and that Target sold them as well. So, we made a trip to Target later that day for the Blueberry Flavor.

Target for the Win!

After I sliced the strawberries, peeled the clementines, and prepared the VitaTop MuffinTops, I gave them to Baby E and she happily responded “Dank Koo Mama” (Thank you Mama). Seriously, nothing melts my heart more than when she says the word “mama”. Then we listened to the Raffi Pandora playlist while grubbing and waiting for the storm to come in. It was a really peaceful morning.

VitaTops Banana Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Muffin, Clementines, and Strawberries. So much yum.

Not only a great breakfast option but also a great booster for Purple, Ellie’s best dog friend.

We had plans of going out to the park or enjoying some sprinkler play in the backyard but nature said otherwise. I thought that I would be writing about how crazy days that are full of events but not today… Today, we spent the entire day with messy hair and pajamas. We had a mixture of healthy and unhealthy snacks and watched a little too much TV. It was a ridiculously simple day but it was exactly what this super pregnant mama needed. The power went out right around nap time. Instead of doing anything around the house, I rocked Baby E to sleep. I proceeded to fall asleep in that rocking chair. And that was our morning…

Watching the rain

I wrote this post because I know one day I’ll ask myself, “What did I do when I only had one child?!”. I tend to ask myself about my pre-motherhood days and wonder what I did with all of that free time. One day, when I’m ripping and running around town, attempting to help two children with homework, and have a social life on top of that, I’ll look back on this post and cherish the simpler times. Fortunately, life gets better and better every day but these little memories will definitely bring a smile to my face and hopefully my children’s faces too.

Just enjoying her breakfast, no biggie.

To learn more about VitaTops MuffinTops, click this link (here).

Thanks for reading and supporting the brands that support me! It means more to this mama than you know!

  • Trista Peterson

    We LOVE VitaTops. So yummy! And so easy!

  • Diedre Anthony

    I wonder the same thing about all the free time I used to have. And all the sleep I used to get!! Soak up these days mama!

  • IG:Suetanyamchorgh

    I need to try this! Thanks for introducing me to vita tops.