Screen Free Activities for Toddlers: Part 2

As my daughter gets older, I’m discovering more and more screen free activities for toddlers! I wrote one of these posts several months ago of screen free activities for younger toddlers. I also explained my personal reasons for needing a break from the screens in our home.

I don’t know about y’all but my daughter acts like a crazy person after too much screen time. As if having a toddler isn’t hard enough, add in an addiction to electronics causing severe tantrums. Y’all, it’s just not a good look. So, I’ve started to try and be more focused on spending one-on-one time with her as well as working on little activities.

So here are the screen-free activities that we’ve been doing at age 2:

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  • Tea party

  • This was given to E as a birthday present and she loves it. I love toys that spark her imagination and teach her something new. This tea party set totally does that.
  • Sticker decorating

  • Putting stickers on anything is wild to her. She has so much fun with it. So we put stickers on
  • Painting

  • We do the free paint but also the little painting books.
    We’ve also painted small sculptures which she actually loves to do even more.
  • screen-free activities for toddlers

    Occasionally the paint brush starts to drift away from the paper

  • Stamps

  • Melissa and Doug have this adorable stamp set.
    We also have used these fun little stamps on multiple occasions.
    scfreen-free activities
    Imagine Ink Books
  • These books are sort of pricey but totally worth it. E can sit for about 30 minutes with one of them. They have several different characters to choose from!
  • Puzzles

  • Lately, E has been digging floor puzzles but also the smaller Melissa and Doug puzzles.
  • Me Reader

  • These are so great! She got this Disney Princess one for her birthday and she loves it. She has learned how to use it for reading but also likes to simply push the buttons while relaxing, haha!
  • Play Doh

  • We still have to watch her for putting it in her mouth. For the most part, she plays more independently with this than she did before!
  • Nail Polish Painting

  • One of the things that I wanted to do wait until she was 2 years old to do was nail painting! We use Piggy Paints because it’s non-toxic and better for baby fingers.
  • screen-free activities

    Nail painting

So there you have it! With Christmas coming up, I’m sure we’ll be introducing a lot more fun toys and screen-free activities for toddlers soon!

You can see part one of our screen free activities: (here)