4 Easy Tips to Prevent and Relieve Diaper Rash

Baby J started eating solid foods a few weeks ago! First of all, can we please talk about how fast time is going?! Didn’t I just have this baby yesterday? Starting solid foods is one of my favorite milestones as a mother. I love watching their little faces as they explore one of the best parts of living: FOOD! With the joy of new foods comes the reality of new variations of poop! Call it TMI if you want but all seasoned mothers know this to be true. Immediately at the onset of his new poops, Baby J sadly began to show signs of diaper rash too!

Because this isn’t my first rodeo, I knew exactly what to do to prevent and relieve his diaper rash symptoms. In this post, I’m going to share those 4 easy tips!

1. Change diapers and/or wipes

Yes, you should obviously be changing the diapers more frequently now. DO NOT let your sweet baby’s bottom sit in that diaper for longer than necessary. Change it immediately! In addition to changing the diaper, you should also try changing diaper and wipe brands! After I noticed changes in Baby J’s skin, I switched to using sensitive skin wipes.

2. Just go bottomless

No pants are the best pants! *Insert praise hands emoji here* I personally hate having a naked baby roam around the house. I’m terrified of accidents happening BUT sometimes you have to say “screw it’. In diaper rash situations, you just have to throw caution to the wind and let the baby roam naked for a little bit. Removing the diaper takes away that constant attachment of fabric to the baby’s raw skin. If he/she could talk, they’d say thank you!

3. Get a really strong cream

prevent and relieve diaper rash

Does anyone else have to distract their baby during a diaper change?! Just me?!

Just get a strong cream. THE END. I personally want something that is going to knock out the culprit ASAP! We’ve had incredible success with Desitin– as soon as the first application of the cream! No joke!

4. Give that baby all of your cuddles!

Seriously, they need you now more than ever. I always believe that an embrace. And be some of the best medicine.

There you have it! These are my 4 EASY tips to prevent AND relieve diaper rash! As soon as you see any red in the diaper area, get rid of it! It’ll help you in the long run.

prevent and relieve diaper rashLastly, thanks for supporting the brands that support me! I will always say thank you because I literally appreciate any morsel of support that I can get! To learn more about Desitin products and their methods for treating and relieving diaper rash, click the links below: