Postpartum Skin Care Tips

I’ve previously discussed how much changes during the postpartum period but never actually hit on how to take care of them! One of the worst changes for me has been with my skin! I’ve found several solutions to this annoying problem and I’m excited to share them today!

  • Decrease your sugar and coffee intake

    Okay so when I did Whole 30 a few months ago, my skin was GLOWING. Literally someone asked me if I was pregnant because I had a glow. I responded “nope, just eating well!” While doing Whole 30, I wasn’t eating any sugar and barely any coffee and the changes in my skin were unreal!

  • Get some rest

    In the postpartum period, this is easier said than done for sure! I hate telling people to sleep when the baby sleeps, especially when you have more than 1. It’s basically impossible BUT sleep whenever you can! I tend to waste time on social media late at night. Once I stopped scrolling and started sleeping, I woke up feeling a lot more refreshed.

  • Invest in skin care products

    This is a must! I’ve recently started using these 4 products and they’ve been pretty great! Because I’m not working, our family is on a new budget! That has NOT stopped me from getting some good products.

    • Noxzema Classic Clean: So invigorating in the early morning! I love how fresh it is.
    • St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub: I used to use this in college and it’s one of my favorite budget-friendly beauty products to wash my face with! It smells incredible.
    • Simple Cleaning Wipes: So great for wiping off the rest of the day! I use these right before I shower to get a deeper clean.
    • Ponds Dry Skin Cream: Out of the 4 products, this is currently my favorite. I usually have disturbingly oily skin. For some reason right now, my skin is so dry- like flaky dry! With this cream, a little goes a long way. I recommend using a dime sized amount for the best outcome.
  • Develop a quick skin care routine

    I say develop a routine because it’s SO hard to provide self care when you have babies to take care of. It has been hard but I’ve been waking up before the kids to get freshened up. I’ve also been making sure to devote 5 minutes after they’re both asleep to take a nice long shower and remove away all of the day’s yuckiness.

  • Drink more water!

    Okay y’all how many times do we have to hear “DRINK MORE WATER”? I know that it’s obvious but it obviously helps!

  • Brandy Gueary

    Theses are great tips! Thanks!