Postpartum Essentials

It’s almost been a month¬†since Baby J was born and I’m feeling so much better than I was initially! Surprisingly to me, the healing process has been very different this time around. The first time, I didn’t really feel that I needed anything to take care of myself. I now realize that there are certain postpartum essentials that are absolutely necessary for self-care. In today’s post, I’m going to share some affiliate links of products that made this healing process so smooth!

**Let me preface this by saying that I had a vaginal delivery with an epidural. I also had plans to breastfeed once the baby was born so these suggestions are based on my personal experience. If you have any suggestions of things that could be added to this list to encompass the full spectrum of postpartum essentials, please comment below and I’ll add them! Especially if you know about c-sections, natural deliveries, exclusive pumping, or stopping milk production/not breastfeeding!

Everything with an asterisk (*) next to it are products that are usually given by your postpartum nurses.

1. Donut Cushion

This donut cushion is a major game changer if you have any tears or episiotomies! I took it everywhere around the house for sitting. I swear, it made the world of a difference for my pain.

2. *Spray Bottle

Every time you go to the restroom, which should be often, you’ll need to spray down there. When doing that, you’ll not only clean yourself but provide some much needed relief to the area.

3. *Dermoplast Spray

This menthol type spray provides a nice but temporary cooling relief. Apply each time you use the restroom for maximum results.

4. *Extra long, extra thick pads

The bigger, the better… I promise you!

5. Perineal Cold Packs

Ice packs for “down there” are incredible. They provide a nice cooling feel as well as temporary pain relief.

6. *Sitz Bath

Again, another soothing relief for your stitches.

7. Medication

Your doctor may or may not prescribe you with medications consisting of: pain meds, stool softeners, prenatal vitamins, etc. It depends on what your symptoms are. Take those meds if you need them!

8. *Big, stretchy underwear

Don’t go trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy panties! Save yourself the time and frustation… No need to ruin your old panties either! Keep wearing big stretchy underwear or even depends until you feel the need to no longer do so. These also help for women who have had a c-section.

9. Belly Binder

Another product that is great for c-section moms. Although I had a vaginal delivery, I had the binder because I heard so many great things about it with my first pregnancy. Wearing it after my epidural helped relieve some of the pain in my back and it also inadvertently helped my posture when nursing.

10.  Heating Pad

A heating bag for the postpartum cramping that occurs during nursing as well as for your breast during the engorgement phase.

11. Ice Pack

An ice pack for your breast during the engorgement phase also works wonders for the pain.

13. Medela Lanolin

I personally only like this brand of Lanolin because it’s so smooth and easy to apply. Now, if you’re breastfeeding, you are DEFINITELY going to want to apply this liberally in the first few days! Bonus: you don’t have to remove it or wash your breast when it’s time to feed your infant. Also, it makes a great lip gloss if your lips are chapped.

14. Button Down or Nursing Pajamas

Pajamas are key. That’s literally all that I wear. In the first couple of days, I wore nursing dresses with a robe (for ease when using the restroom). One of my friends who recently had a c-section said that the dresses were great because bending up and down was incredibly difficult for her. A lot of my favorite maternity shops carry postpartum clothes as well! You can find those shops on this old post.


15. Hydrogel pads

Oh my goodness, that nipple pain is the worst! These pads are placed on the breast and just sort of take all of the pain away!

16. Manual Breast Pump

So during my engorgement phase, I knew that I needed to taper off pumping. After about a week or so of building my freezer stash, I stopped using the electric pump and just used a manual pump and hand expressed. This little device is so cool because it’s hands-free. You just squeeze it and the suction stimulates letdown. From there, it collects your milk! You can also just hand express or naturally leak into this device and then save it. I just discovered this device and it’s so awesome!

17. Electric Breast Pump

You’re definitely going to need to relieve the engorgement, so with that, you’ll need an electric pump. I have a Medela and I love it. I’ve also heard great things about the new Spectra pump.

18. *Water Mug

I have the hospital jug and the Yeti nearby at all times. It’s helpful for recovery and milk production.

So, that’s my list and I just noticed that almost all of these items are primarily pain relief methods! That just goes to show that even the aftermath of childbirth is still a little painful. Now that it’s been 4 weeks, I feel great (in the pain department) and I really do believe that these are the items that helped!

If you’ve had a baby, what were your GO-TO postpartum essentials? I’d love to know and possibly update this list!