Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger

“Be who you needed when you were younger”

Here’s a few pictures of me “, pre-blogging and knowledgable of picture quality, also pre-Baby E. I was so sweet and naive back then y’all. So cute.

BIG MAMA. This picture was taken a few days before she was born.

pregnant and didnt even know it.

I absolutely love this quote because when I read it, it reminded me of the reasons that I made this blog in the first place!

I did a little soul searching and asked myself a few questions about my blogging future and potential and the answers are listed below. 🙂

Why did you start this blog?
I originally started this blog as a place to express my views on motherhood. My first blog post was about my perspective of pregnancy. During pregnancy, I felt that my feelings were very misunderstood. At the time, it was hard to verbally explain how I felt. Six months later, I decided that I wanted to be more open about my feelings so that if any other women felt similarly, they would know that they were not alone. In your weakest times, social media can be so damaging. You see so many beautiful things but never the reality of the situation. Even though I want to talk a lot about the good that is happening in my life, I want to make sure that the not-so-good parts are represented as well. I want to expose the “hot mess” that is motherhood and pregnancy and sometimes womanhood, too. Then about a month into blogging, I felt this amazing release. I realized that I actually enjoy writing, expressing my feelings, and talking about what’s going on in my life.

What is Aiming for August even about? What are you focusing on?
Aiming for August is about my life as flawed person who is on her way to being badass. I’m already pretty cool but I can be cooler, right? But seriously, it’s mostly my transition into motherhood. I really do feel that being a mother has made me more confident as a woman and definitely as an African-American woman. This blog is focusing on motherhood and everything that surrounds that but also my and my family’s lifestyle. Being a 20-something, millennial mom is interesting. Some days, I feel like I’ve barely got it together but I’m learning and growing in some way, every day.

In the sea of millions of other bloggers, what makes you a significant little fish? What makes you think readers care about what you’re talking about?
1) “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”
2) I’m honest (or at least I hope to be).
3) I’m different. I think that I have a unique aspect of motherhood being that I’m in an interracial relationship, the mother to a biracial child. We live in a tiny house in a big city and do a lot of city-related things. We’re not a “traditional” family for so many reasons but we’re making our lives into our own version of “the American dream”.  There is a lot that I could say to explain to you exactly why I think that my family is different but you’ll have to keep on following along to figure it out!
I hope readers can see all of the beauty in my life, the beauty in family, and the honesty and humor in my words. Go on this journey with me, y’all. You won’t regret it, promise.

What will be on the blog?
Obviously, mom stuff because my life has been outrageously impacted by being a mother. So let’s just split this into percentages. 55% motherhood and baby life- this includes but is not limited to things like mom fashion, baby fashion, foods and whatnot, venting about mom things, etc. 25% lifestyle- this includes but is not limited to lots of Houston things, any travel that we do, random things that are going on in my life, some political/social activism (we have to talk about the problems to solve them…), what I’m reading, etc. Finally, 10% health and 10% fitness- which are pretty self explanatory.

What won’t be on the blog?
This is hard because I can’t predict the future, ya know? I can say I will only blog about things that I believe in. Basically, I promise to never become a sell out.

What are your goals for the blog?
This is extremely corny but I really do want to inspire/motivate/let women know that they are not alone! I may not be able to fully understand all of your struggles but I will weep with you. I will rejoice with you. I will do it all with you! I love to empower women so let’s do this! I also hope to make more blogging friends and meet more people that share similar passions. I’d also be a bald faced liar if I didn’t mention the potential of turning this hobby into profit. So there’s that too. Right now, I’m having a hell of a time just writing and expressing myself. So I’m living in the now but also working my butt off to turn this baby into something beautiful.

So there it is. This is a little bit about why I’m blogging… I want to be who I would have needed when I was younger.

If you’re a fellow blogger, comment below with your website or IG handle so I can check you out too!

Always, always, always thank you for reading. It means the world,
xoxo Erica.

8 Street Art Spots in Houston

I definitely have a thing with walls! A lot of people already know that about me! Nature makes the best backdrop but street art is a close second. I instantly get captivated by the murals on the Houston streets and I usually get a picture with the walls (very casual). The list is always growing especially since I find new art on the regular.

Here’s 8 spots in Houston that you should definitely take your baby, your man candy, or go solo to snap a really great picture!

(Fun fact: most of these locations are located near some of sort of food or drink.)
(Another fun fact: I took most of these from the car window, haha… apologies for the poor quality.)

1. Biscuit Paint Wall at Biscuit Home (1435 Westheimer Rd)Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art
2. Daniel Anguilu at Common Bond (1706 Westheimer Rd)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby for both: Common Bond for brunch type foods and coffee, Empire Cafe as well. There’s a Raising Cane’s a little down the street too!
Tips for this location: try and go during a less busy time for the best shot. Cars are usually parked next to the mural.

3. Love at St Mark’s United Methodist Church (600 Pecore Street)

Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby: Whataburger

4. Greetings from Houston at Gelazzi (3601 White Oak)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby: Here at Gelazzi for gelato and other sweets. There’s a few more places on White Oak to check out! Coltivare for Pizza, Christian’s Tailgate and Onion Creek for Burgers, Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts for chicken and/or donuts. There’s so much variety!
Tips for this location: Usually tons of cars parked next to the mural- so go during a less busy time! It’s hard to get the entire sign in a picture if you’re using a cell phone so stand across the street and hope there are no cars to ruin your shot!

5. You are my Sunshine at Thread Houston (249 West 19th Street)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby: Zoe’s Kitchen, Snap Kitchen (so good!)
Tips for this location: timing is key for this picture. The lighting can be weird depending on certain hours. Also you’ll have to park near Zoe’s or Snap and walk to the building (if you’re driving).

6. Houston is Inspired (313 Travis Street)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtNo tips because I’ve barely ever been able to get out of my car to get a good shot! There’s so much construction downtown… Also, it’s downtown so be safe, obviously.

East Downtown:
Tips for all of the EaDo locations: be safe- they’re sort of in shady areas- not too shady but just enough, ya know? Anyways, be smart about your surroundings, especially if you have your little one with you!

7. Sugar and Cloth Color Wall at Headquarters HTX (3302 Canal Street)
*unfortunately this location is no longer painted*

Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtTips for this location: This picture was taken across the street- so to get the entire wall, that’s what you’ll have to do. You can obviously just do one color if you’re up close. If it rains, it’ll flood a little bit right there in front but it’s not too bad!

8. Graffiti Heaven (corner of Leeland and St. Emanuel- exact location unknown)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art can see more of the street art from this awesome area here.

9. Unknown Artist beside Ahh! Coffee and other eateries (2018 Rusk Street)

Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art

ignore the fact that I’m in this picture!

So there’s a few cool Houston spots. As I stated before, I’m always exploring the city and finding new things so consider this part one of Houston street art. In the meantime, if you know of any cool places, let me know and comment below!

Houston Street Art

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4 Netflix Documentaries to Watch When You Fail at Your Diet

It’s June 3rd and I’ve already failed at my “diet”.
(Happy National Donut Day…)

I told myself that June was the month to do my second round of “Whole 30” and really focus on a diet of clean eating, health, and fitness.

Then I “accidentally” ate a blueberry muffin and ice cream for breakfast and it was all downhill from there.

I hate the word “diet” because it says that one is only eating well for a period of time. I really do want to make a lifestyle change for myself and to be a positive role model for my baby girl. The first step in doing so is to alter my diet or my eating habits. I already eat pretty decent but I know that I can make better choices. I did my first round of the Whole 30 in February 2016. It was extremely difficult (so many birthdays and Valentine’s Day) but it was extremely rewarding in the end. I felt amazing, physically and mentally. I also felt incredibly strong willed for being able to say “no” to so many temptations. There are aspects of the Whole 30 that really inspired a change in my eating habits but there are also parts that I don’t necessarily agree with for a long term lifestyle change. Regardless, consuming whole foods for 30 consecutive days is a fantastic way to reconfigure your body’s response to foods.

In the middle of my February Whole 30, I watched a few documentaries on Netflix which completely motivated me to stay the course. I felt like giving up a number of times but these movies reminded me of why I needed to change my ways.

1. Supersize Me (2004)

diet, food, health,

picture credit:

This one is a no-brainer. I feel like it’s one of the first health docs that got people thinking about their eating habits. Unfortunately, it put McDonald’s in a negative light when in actuality, most fast food places are sort of grimy. One incredible outcome is that McDonald’s and other fast food places seemed to become more mindful of their foods and created “healthier” options. They also started to display the caloric content or their meals. Lastly, Morgan Spurlock is BAE. I will watch anything starring this man- I have all the heart eyes for him.

The main focus/takeaway from this film: learn to understand portion control and self control with foods.

2. Food, Inc. (2009)

diet, health,

picture credit:

This film is more about ethical eating decisions. It’s sort of intense (to me at least). I was a vegetarian for about 10 years and recently stopped. This movie made me think a lot about where my food comes from and the conditions that the food is in before it hits my plate. Although it is more about the ethics in the food industry, it really made me think about the choices that I make in grocery stores.

The main focus/takeaway of this film: be more mindful of the food industry and what they’re doing to your food.

3. Fed Up (2014)

diet, health

picture credit:

This film made me think of my sugar addiction. I didn’t realize that I was actually addicted to sugar until I watched it and realized that on day 3 of February Whole 30, I was basically going through a withdrawal. Sugar is apparently more addictive than cocaine and is in almost everything we eat starting from infancy (formula). Holy moly… If this doesn’t motivate you to change, then I don’t know what will. The film also addresses childhood obesity which is definitely declining at the moment but it is still a very important issue in America.

The main focus/takeaway from this film: eat less sugar and know that it is addicting!

4. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (2010)

diet, health

picture credit:

I don’t necessarily think juicing is a legit means of dieting but I can understand the idea behind it. This guy wants to get the fruits and veggies in and by juicing, he’s getting so many in one portion! He has tons of health issues in the beginning. Doctors tell him that he needs to control these issues by taking a cornucopia of prescription medication. Spoiler alert: he learns that a change in his diet also gives him a positive change in his health. After re-watching this, I’ve actually decided to try a juice cleanse pretty soon to see what it does for me!

The main focus/takeaway from this film: eat more greens!

I hope that these movies motivate you like they’ve motivated me! The more that you understand about the science of your food and the processes of the food industry, the more educated you are about your eating choices! I totally get indulging on sweet and savory treats every now and then. Donuts and muffins are one of my favorite reasons to wake up! At the end of the day, nothing tastes at good as being healthy feels. The absence of bloating, headaches, lethargy and fatigue is an incredible feeling!

Health Related Netflix Documentaries

 What motivates you when you feel like you’re failing at dieting or changing your eating habits? Comment below!

Breastfeeding Essentials

I’ve talked a lot about what I like to use for breastfeeding and pumping in Part 3 and Part 4 but I wanted to give a final, brief overview of some of my favorite breastfeeding items. The aspiring minimalist in me says that you truly don’t need a lot of these items; but the practical mom who is trying to keep her head on her shoulders says, “get them all”!

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