Our Big News!

We’re having a baby!

I am so excited to finally share the news! Some days I thought about how funny it would be to never announce my pregnancy and just announce the baby’s birth. But as I get noticeably bigger and obnoxiously lazier, I’ve realized that that isn’t a realistic joke.

We’re having a baby!

So, I’m finally announcing that our family is going to welcome a sweet little baby into the world in May 2017! Soon, I’m going to recap all of the rollercoaster events of this pregnancy, so stay tuned for that! For now, we’ll take all of the well wishes, positive vibes, and prayers that we can get for our sweet babe!

I truly believe that pregnancy is God’s way of preparing you for motherhood and this little baby sure is letting me know that having 2 babies (especially 2 under the age of 2) is going to be hard work. Regardless, our family is thrilled. I’m nervous, anxious, and terrified but most importantly, I’m so thrilled.

The Ultimate Netflix Binge-Watching List

My husband and I watch a lot of T.V. Not nearly as much as we used to watch before baby but still a whole lot of television shows. I can actually remember the first time that we binge watched our first Netflix show together. It was Winter 2010, our first couple of months living together after a 1.5 year long distance relationship. It was also my first semester of nursing school (aka the wrong time to binge watch ANYTHING). The show was LOST and we spent an entire “snow day” snuggled on the couch, eating frozen pizza, watching hour long episodes back to back. I have a warm spot in my heart for binge watching television shows. I want to motivate EVERYONE to watch more t.v.

Listed by categories, you’ll find a ton of shows that I watched and would highly recommend for a good Netflix binge watch session!

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5 Books to Inspire your Inner Girl Boss

Last week was emotionally bananas. I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and unorganized. After talking it through with my husband and a few girlfriends, reading some motivational quotes, and putting everything into perspective, I feel like a new woman! During my mini emotional journey, I started cleaning (how many others like to stress clean?!). I found a few old books and just looking at their covers motivated me to be the boss that I am. So, in efforts to continue to make December a positive and motivational month, here are my top 5 books to inspire your inner girl boss!

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16 Motivational Quotes to Help You Get Through the Rest of 2016

16 Motivational Quotes to Get You Through the Rest of 2016

A few days ago, I was telling my husband that I was stressed out. He asked me why and I honestly couldn’t explain why. Then I realized that it’s just the month of December. Now, the month isn’t necessarily the main reason for my stress but I think everything just sort of “hits me” all at once at this time of year. I’m also an over thinker so that doesn’t help. What does help a little bit is some motivational/inspirational quotes. Since I know that I’m not alone in feeling a little overwhelmed this time of year, here are a few of my favorite quotes that help keep me motivated and excited for new beginnings.

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10 Tips for Increasing (and Maintaining) Your Milk Supply

I was fortunate enough to have the ability to nurse my daughter for 13 months with absolutely no milk supply issues! I was totally an over-researcher in the beginning stages of nursing. I constantly worried that I would run into issues with my supply so I did everything possible to make sure that I never got to that point. I’m going to share the tips that worked for me but know that every body and nursing situation is different.

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