Maternity Clothes: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Maternity fashion is all the rage whenever you’re expecting. When you’re feeling down or just not like yourself, a nice new outfit can definitely cheer you up! So when you’re pregnant, finding the cutest and nicest thing to wear can be very exciting. On the other hand, pregnancy is not permanent. Although nine months may seem long, it can fly by in the blink of eye. This leaves some women wondering if it is even worth it to purchase any maternity clothing. With this being my second pregnancy, I feel that I have enough background to answer the question: “Should I or should I not purchase a maternity wardrobe?”. In today’s post, I’m doing just that! I’m answering the question (in my opinion, obviously) as well as discussing the pros and cons of this topic!

The Pros of Purchasing Maternity Clothes

  • Comfort
    When I’m pregnant, this is my number one requirement for any and everything! I need things to be comfortable… I love my black maternity leggings. They’re comfortable and form-fitting. Most pregnancy clothing is tailored to fit your growing bump which makes the outfit comfortable and well-fitted.
  • Stylish
    I’ve seen pictures of old maternity fashion and let’s just say we’ve come a VERY long way! Maternity fashion is so cute now that you wouldn’t even know the clothes are specifically for pregnant mothers.
  • Versatility
    A lot of new moms (and people for that matter) don’t know this but after the baby, not everyone shrinks back down to their pre-pregnancy size. That bump that you spent months growing doesn’t just go away. You will possibly still look and feel pregnant for a little while. This is when you can continue to utilize your pregnancy clothing. After my first baby, I continued to wear my maternity jeans until I felt comfortable enough to get back into my regular jeans. So they’re great during pregnancy but also good for a transition into postpartum.

Dress c/o Shop Pink Blush

The Cons of Purchasing Maternity Clothes

  • Usage
    How many times are you really going to wear these clothes? It really depends. If you plan on having multiple children, then it’s absolutely a great investment. If you plan on only having one pregnancy, it can still be a positive investment. With only having one pregnancy, you will only wear the clothing once, so if you plan on buying anything just make sure it’s reasonable.
  • Timing
    Are you buying summer clothing now but planning on spending a duration of your next pregnancy in a colder season? When purchasing clothing, a lot of people don’t think about the timing… My first pregnancy was mostly in the awfully hot summer months, so I purchased most summer type clothing (tanks, short sleeves, shorts, etc.). Fortunately I live in Texas the weather is absurdly inconsistent. This pregnancy was supposed to be a winter pregnancy so I was thinking that I would have needed to buy more winter type clothing. It has basically been summer weather so I’ve been wearing all of my pregnancy clothing from the first time around.

Dress c/o Shop Pink Blush

The Answer: Should I buy them or Shouldn’t I?

  • Without a doubt, you should definitely buy some maternity clothing!
    Not an entire closet’s worth but definitely some key articles of clothing! I created a small maternity capsule wardrobe after my first baby without even realizing it… It’s basically the key maternity items that can be worn during all seasons and at all stages of pregnancy. The two cons that are listed, timing and usage, can be solved by creating a capsule wardrobe. For instance, instead of buying winter pregnancy clothing, you can just buy summer things and use your non-maternity cardigans or jackets to turn the outfit in something more winter appropriate. My entire wardrobe during the 9 months of pregnancy and those awkward 3 months postpartum is not solely maternity clothing. I reuse a lot of my “regular” clothing (and my husband’s, haha) in addition to my pregnancy clothes.

So, I hope this post helps anyone that is on the fence about whether or not to buy maternity clothes! Good luck and thanks for reading! Also, thank you to Shop Pink Blush for providing the beautiful dress!


  • My Silly Monkey

    I had friends that gifted me with a few shirts, dresses and jeans to start me out, which didn’t hurt the bank as much. I definitely still wore my maternity clothes for at least 2 months postpartum.

  • brittany

    Love the dress you picked out! Yes, totally buy maternity! 😉

  • Kayla O’Neill

    You and your dress are gorgeous! I bought a little bit but was also able to keep wearing most of my clothes. I was the most “pregnant” in the summer so I just wore a lot of maxi dresses. Great pros and cons!

  • That dress is beautiful! I mostly bought my maternity clothes from consignment sales, but I did buy a few nice things for “bump pictures” our second pregnancy!

  • Kassi Sherman

    Love that dress! I invested in some Maternity clothing when I was pregnant with my little one – Mostly jeans and leggings that would grow with me. Luckily my basic style has always been “oversized” shirts and sweaters so it was easy for me to transition, especially given I had more of a winter pregnancy. Now if I end up with a summer pregnancy it is going to be an entirely different story! I am sure I would end up buying all of the things!

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    I tried to not buy any maternity clothes the first time around and it completely regretted it by like month 7. Next time I’ll definitely be buying some!