Life Lately: I Got a New Job!

It is so exciting for me to announce that I GOT A JOB! I talked about it a little bit on my Instagram Stories (where I announce a lot of things first) but I just realized that I never shared it anywhere else. Because this is my blog and I own this platform, I want to make sure that I share a lot more of my life HERE in this space (as opposed to social media) where people can come if they are truly interested, haha.

Anyways, I got a job and I started on Monday. It’s actually sort of ironic because I just wrote that post about being a stay at home mom and how I didn’t know what the future held. So here’s the details because a lot of people have asked!

I will be a Lactation Consultant at a hospital located somewhat in Texas Medical Center. I will be working PRN which means that I have to work a minimum of 48 hours a month (or 4 shifts per month).  The shifts available are either 8 hour, 10 hour, or the traditional 12 hour shifts. It’s also a night shift position which I’ve never done before! The hours are very flexible from my understanding. I also feel like this schedule is a good one for me to dip my feet back into leaving my kids and working a real job. Overall, I’m super excited!

This type of schedule, I HOPE, is going to allow me to have best of both worlds. I can still be home with the kids and not have to truly arrange childcare while also bringing home a little bit of money. Not to mention, I get to do something that I’m truly passionate about and that I love!

If you’re unsure about what exactly a Lactation Consultant does, I can briefly let you know. I’ll be seeing postpartum mothers in a hospital setting and helping them breastfeed! I won’t be dealing with any medications, blood, or typical issues that I would have dealt with as a Mother/Baby Nurse. This is so weird for me to think about because I’m so used to being there as a nurse. I’ll be a nurse btw, just more of an educator role! I’m seriously so excited! Monday and Tuesday were just orientation or corporate type days, so I haven’t put on my scrubs or gotten on the floor to actually work/train.

Even though I’ve been super excited about it all, I’m going to be honest with y’all. I cried for about 2 hours on Sunday. I honestly don’t know why- I knew that the babies would be fine. I was also excited to eat my meals in silence, drink my coffee hot, and listen to podcasts whenever possible. So why the heck was I crying? I’m convinced that it was because it’s the FIRST TIME since April that I was leaving my kids for longer than 4 hours. My identity isn’t completely based on being their mother but for 9 months, I’ve just been “momming”. I’ve started to feel comfortable in that role and now I’m taking on something new. These past 2 days were great though! Once I walked out of the front door Monday morning, my feelings of anxiety completely went away. My husband made sure to keep me  updated throughout the day. I also enjoyed the little moments of my time away.

So I’ll be sure to do another “Life Lately” post once I really get good and comfortable in my position! I seriously can’t wait to help all of the mamas out there 🙂