3 Things to Know Before You Attend a Hot Yoga Class

A few weeks ago, I randomly decided that I need to get out of the house and go to a yoga class. If we’re being honest, I don’t love yoga. I’m more of a strength training, “in the gym” type of girl. Something in my heart told me to go to yoga though. I looked into a place nearby (that is also in the same building as a juice shop) and found a class at the perfect time. After being encouraged my husband, I decided to go. I had NO idea of what to expect. This post is to help all of the other people who plan on attending a hot yoga class but have no idea of where to start!

hot yoga experience, first time at hot yoga

First off, I want to talk about my experience. If you’re not interested in this, scroll down to the tips! It really was such an incredible experience though! It all started with me not being able to find a good parking spot. I seriously drove around for 15 minutes until I found one. Even then, I wasn’t sure if I could park there because of the confusing street signs (big city life, haha). I went inside and instantly felt intimidated. Everyone looked so good and so “legit”. I almost walked out just to go sit in my car and scroll through Instagram. Instead, I decided to face my fear! I bought a yoga mat, then ordered a juice to pick up after class.  When I walked inside of the studio, all of my tension, anxiety, and apprehension about the class went away!

The instructor came in and said that Kanye West was going to be playing the entire time.  I, unapologetically, love Kanye’s music but I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for listening to rap when I was trying to relax. To my surprise, the music was the best part of the class. During the moments where I had to push myself to the limit, the music fueled my fire. I felt strong. I felt incredible.

The final song of the workout was “Ultralight Beam”. I hadn’t listened to this particular album very much so I didn’t know this song very well. It was THE BEST song to finalize the workout. The gospel music, rapping by Chance the Rapper, and motivational speech by Kirk Franklin literally brought me to tears. All of the tension of the day was released. I felt relaxed, closer to myself, and closer to God as I ended my workout in prayer. It was such an incredible, cathartic experience that I wanted to share it with anyone!

1) Bring towels

So… I didn’t bring ONE towel. I obviously got extremely sweaty and my feet were slipping all over the mat! I had to take my socks to wipe the sweat off of my hands and feet. Rookie mistake, I know. During the class, I looked around and noticed towels in each person’s area. They had big long towels on their yoga mats and small towels in reach to wipe their sweat.

2) Wear appropriate clothing

I wore yoga pants (duh) and a really cute flowy tank top. Whenever I got to the studio, I noticed a lot of yogis wearing high-waisted yoga pants and sport bras. 30 minutes into the class, I realized why they wore these particular outfits. My pants kept creeping down, which left some great butt crack views. Thank goodness the room was dark! I also ended up twisting my tank top and tucking it in my bra. (In the beginning of class, I was so insecure about my “mommy pooch”. It was too hot to even care about that anymore)! Halfway through the class, I was drenched with sweat. My wet shirt felt like it was dragging me down. When the class was over, I concluded that your outfit totally matters for your workout! So, get yourself yoga appropriate attire. Bonus points if it’s cute, haha!

3) Hydrate before, during, and after your Hot Yoga class

Obviously you need to hydrate a lot during a workout but during Hot Yoga, you need to hydrate basically all day. You release so much sweat and toxins! At one point, I felt a little bit light-headed. I laid in “child’s pose” for a good 3 minutes and drank some water! I took a smaller sized water bottle but would definitely recommend taking a bigger bottle. I also think you should drink at least one bottle 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after (but this is just me, personally). You should definitely hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

After typing this list out, I’ve realized that all of these things are sort of common sense. For some reason, I didn’t think of them prior to attending my first class. So hopefully this helps anyone thinking of trying a hot yoga class in the future! If it does help you, comment and let me know!

If you’re in the Houston area, I would recommend going to Black Swan Yoga. My class was taught by Nosa and I obviously loved it. It’s a donation based class. The Heights location has a “Juiceland” juice bar in the same building! Take a class and let me know how it goes!