Testing out Fun Items for New Moms with BabbleBoxx

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Every year, it seems as though more and more baby products appear on the market. As soon as I feel confident enough to buy one thing, something bigger and better comes along. While it may seem fast, I personally love that they’re making advancements in items to make motherhood easier! Lately I’ve been thinking about products, their reviews, and how it greatly impacts whether or not it will be purchased. As a blogger, I occasionally get to review things! In today’s post sponsored by Babbleboxx, I’m reviewing a few new baby products and giving my honest opinions on them!

While I am no longer a new mom (whoo hoo!), I am more a veteran when it comes to what is needed in those first couple of weeks of life. Today, I’m going to be reviewing a few products that are meant to be given to a new mom or in a new mom subscription box! I’m going to share all about the product, what I like or didn’t like, and whether I would buy it for a new mom! Here goes…

1) Oball Rattle

baby rattle

I love rattles for my children. For some unknown reason, they find interest in them beyond just the noise. I don’t know if it’s the handling or that they can also use it as a chew toy but my kids have always liked rattles. If you’re into traditional toys, rattles are great. This particular rattle is a ball. We’ve actually had one of these prior to opening the box! Baby J loves it! It’s soft, flexible, makes a rattle noise and bonus: it’s a ball. I think that it would make a unique baby shower gift because it’s a toy. Most moms and attendees don’t usually gift toys but they should! They totally come in handy as a sensory object in the early days. Yet they are also a toy that can last up to the toddler days. This is a “yes” in my book.

2) Beech-Nut State 1 Oatmeal Cereal

organic baby cereal

Because we went more along the lines of the “Baby Led Weaning” route, we (mostly) skipped spoon fed foods. When we first started introducing him to table foods, we did start with some oatmeal and quinoa cereals to check his tongue thrust reflex! Now Baby J is 9 months old now, he has no interest in any “baby foods”. I can barely spoon feed him my table food, haha! For this particular product, I’m going to review my first impressions! I love that it is oatmeal and organic baby food. The container has this really cool cup for measuring out portions, which is awesome for perfecting the water to oatmeal ratio.

3) bloom Baby Wipes

baby wipes

I’m not going to lie… I’m sort of a snob when it comes to baby wipes. I use whatever people buy me but I have 2 specific preferences. With that being said, I really like these wipes! I aim for unscented and skin-sensitive type of wipes and those are two of the many qualities. They’re also incredibly soft and the perfect amount of “thickness”. Moms, you know what I mean! I would definitely recommend spoiling a new mom and baby with these wipes. Unfortunately, they’re not available in every store. You can easily purchase them at Walmart, Babies R Us, or Amazon.

4) Vichy Mineral 89

vichy aqualia

Okay… I would definitely recommend buying this as a pampering gift for a new mom. I felt so refreshed after cleansing my face with this mineral water cleanser. There’s something so invigorating about washing your face with mineral water.

5) Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream


Because it’s winter, this product has definitely been good for my skin now that it is getting a little bit drier. Unfortunately, I have a very oily skin type. My skin was even oilier after having my babies. I would still recommend this product as a pampering gift for new moms but want to say that it’s more beneficial if you have a drier skin type. It’s super hydrating and leaves your skin feeling very refreshed but definitely for dry skin types only.

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Doing this box review was really cool. I love thinking of fun items for a new mom and reviewing these products made me think more about it! What is your favorite item to gift a new mom? Comment below!