Hosting My First Event with NightLight Pediatrics

As many of you know, I hosted my first event on Saturday! It was an intimate “Moms and Mimosas” get together with NightLight Pediatrics! I was anxious about how it would go, since it was my first event and all. For a rookie blogger, I think it went pretty well! I learned a lot of lessons about how to be a proper hostess, which I’ll go over in a later post. I want to dedicate this post to talking about NightLight Pediatrics and WHY I was honored to host this sponsored event!

Let’s rewind back to November 2016, the first time that my husband and I went on a trip without Baby E. As a first time mom, I was obviously terrified of leaving her. I researched¬†every little thing in efforts to make sure she was taken care of while we were away.

Literally, everything… I even got a Will notarized, just in case.¬†

While researching, I stumbled upon an after hours pediatric urgent care and thought, “OH MY GOSH, THIS IS GOLD!”

I personally feel like the scariest accidents happen late at night when nothing is open and no one is available. Just knowing that there was a clinic within a 10 mile radius that was open late, gave me a little peace of mind.

So, on my list of instructions that was already longer than a CVS receipt, I happily added NightLight Pediatrics, along with its address and phone number.

Like I said, just having knowledge of this facility gave me peace of mind for any late night accidents. When they asked me to host this event and learn more about the facility, I was easily on board. After touring the facility and meeting the staff, I feel even better! So, I want to share what I learned about the facility at the Moms and Mimosas event!

1. The office is very “kid-friendly”.

This is a no-brainer for most pediatric clinics. This specific location knocked it OUT OF THE PARK with its decor. Outside, they have a chalk board to draw on and almost every kid that walked by wanted to draw. This is definitely good for those moments when you have a long wait!

Inside of each room of the facility, there are really creative designs unique to each room. My personal favorite was the dinosaur room. Baby E loved the butterfly room. Each room also had glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling! This was actually E’s FAVORITE thing!

Usually, E is very apprehensive about being in a doctor’s office. For some reason, she instantly felt comfortable! She ran through the halls, wanting to see each room’s design and all of the stars!

2. The staff really love their jobs!

I had to take Baby J with me and of course, the ladies LOVED him! I love it when pediatricians enjoy getting to know the kids that come into the office! Each member that I met showed so much passion for the profession!

3. They have more services than most pediatric offices.

While on the tour, I saw that they had an x-ray machine! How many pedi clinics do you know that has an x-ray machine?! On their website, there is this list that showcases more of their services.Aiming for August Moms and Mimosas NightLight PediatricsAnother cool feature, you can log-in online and request a spot in line at the facility.

Aiming for August Moms and Mimosas NightLight Pediatrics

Aiming for August NightLight Pediatrics Moms and Mimosas

4. They have their own blog where they answer TONS of questions!

You can learn more about the Night Vision Blog with this link!

As you can see, I learned a lot about the facility during this event! I was also taken on a tour and got my questions answered by the on-site doctors! I urge all of the Houston parents to check out the NightLight facilities for sure!