Cooking with Class: A Blue Apron Review

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook and Instagram that I was trying out Blue Apron for the first time! I’ve heard tons of great things about this company and food delivery services in general so I was more than excited when they reached out and asked me to collaborate with them! Now that I’ve completed cooking all 3 meals, I’m excited to finally share my experience with Blue Apron; the pros, cons, and overall experience!

The whole deal with Blue Apron is that everything is fresh and made from scratch! When I opened the box, I noticed tons of fresh and organic condiments and vegetables. I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidated. They also provide the recipes on paper, which I love because I’m an old school “read-the-paper” kind of girl. The recipe papers provided detailed instructions as well as pictures for reference.

Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

A glimpse of how the ingredients are packaged. These are for the salmon dish.


Aiming for August Blue Apron

A glimpse of what’s in the “knick-knack” bags!

For my personal selection, there were 3 different recipes. I narrowed my preferences down to vegetarian, chicken, and fish dishes. Once you check out the website, you’ll see that you can select any type of dish that you’d personally want (beef, pork, lamb, etc.).

Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

Example of the recipe pages. This is the front side. The ingredients (and their pictures) are listed at the bottom. This was super helpful for me.


Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

The back of the papers with full instructions and pictures that correspond with the steps.

The first meal cooked was the chicken dish. It was surprisingly delicious! I’m a terrible cook so I was expecting it to taste awful afterwards. Seriously, I told my husband to go ahead and pick up fast food halfway through cooking it. Once it was done and the plate was prepped, we both tried a bite and said “wow!” I’m a huge self critic and he’s really picky but we both loved it. Oh and Baby E even had some of the veggies and ate them all!

Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

The chicken dish! So good!


Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

Baby E eating some Blue Apron! Family friendly! And Mara wishing she could eat it in the background, haha!

Next was the flatbread. It had so much potential, y’all but I ruined it! Our oven is probably a million years old and overcooks everything! With that being said, the flatbread was ruined but still managed to look incredible. So I figured I would take a bite of the least burnt edge. For being burnt pizza, it was pretty good too! I wish we could have had more of it!

Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

The aftermath of the flatbread. Even though I messed up, it still looks amazing, right?!

Last meal was the salmon… I was initially intimidated by this dish because it’s so exotic. All in all, it was pretty good as well. It wasn’t something I would normally cook but it was exciting to try something new. I’m the only person in the house that eats fish so I didn’t have to share any of it and that was awesome.

The three Blue Apron meals that I received were pretty awesome. They weren’t recipes that I would normally cook or look up on my own but I’m glad that this experience prompted me to explore new meals. Now onto the pros, cons, and ultimate verdict of my Blue Apron experience.

Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

Exciting mail day!


  • Almost all of the ingredients are provided for all of the meals.
    • I say almost because 2 of the recipes called for olive oil… which I ran out of so I had to substitute. Check the ingredient list before cooking
  • I explored a new variety of foods
  • I gained cooking and food knowledge
    • Y’all, I didn’t know what a clove of garlic was until this experience. You can laugh at me. J and I definitely already have, haha.
  • The box was delivered to my doorstep (No need to change out of my pajamas or hit up the grocery store)
  • The delivery had an ice pack in it – just in case, you aren’t home as soon as it’s delivered
  • The ingredients were fresh and organic
  • The instructions delivered included several pictures of the meals for visual learners
  • The instructions were clear and to the point, making it easier on rookie cooks.
  • The meals were healthy!


(Fortunately, there weren’t many negatives at all!)

  • Overall prep time is longer than anticipated
  • You don’t get to specify your meal- you select the meat but not the actual meal

Overall experience:

As I said, I loved almost everything about my Blue Apron experience. (My only drawback was the duration of time it took to cook… but hey, I’m almost 9 months pregnant so that could just be me.) I would recommend it to anyone! I’m actually thinking about trying it out again after baby boy gets here! I also think that it would make a great at-home date night for any newly dating couples or couples that are married with kids. There were moments when I needed J to help me with the prep. During those moments, I kept thinking about how cute it was that he was helping me and how cute it would be for other couples to be in the kitchen together. It was really fun cooking together. awe haven’t done that in a very long time!

Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

So, now I’m going to encourage everyone else to order Blue Apron and try it out! (Here’s a link that will give you 30 dollars off of your first week!). If you do try it, let me know what you think and what meals you receive! I’m so excited to see more recipes!