5 Go-To Tips for Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season



I haven’t gotten sick this cold and flu season so far. I honestly feel like I’m jinxing myself just by making that announcement but I haven’t gotten sick yet! With a husband who teaches middle school and two small ones, this is a miracle! I attribute my luck to my incredible immune system and my nursing knowledge. I’ve discussed how to keep your babies healthy during cold and flu season. In today’s post, I’m sharing my GO-TO tips for staying well during this sickly season.

cold and flu season

  1. Watch your intake

    It’s really easy to get into the holiday spirit and eat like a maniac. Trust me, I get it. The cold and flu season also creeps up right around the holiday season. With that being said, most people “indulge”. My main tip is to stay mindful about your indulgences (think: decrease sugar intake and increase greens) and drink water with EVERY MEAL!

  2. Drink “Elixirs”

    I’m sure Starbucks is sick of everyone coming in and ordering a “Medicine Ball” but IT WORKS! I’ve been working on my own concoction and finally think I nailed it. I’ve decreased the amount of coffee and replace it with hot tea! In each tea drink, I add apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, and honey! Anytime the kids or my husband even utter the words “sick”, I drink a tea concoction and feel a little bit better!

  3. Having the Right “Defense”

    kleenex kleenex

    Go ahead and stock up on everything! Although this post is sponsored by Kleenex, I literally had a box of it in my house anyways! Not only is it better on the sensitive skin of my little ones, it also have several cool properties. We purchased the “anti-viral” and “soothing lotion” Kleenex. You can purchase this particular type at Walmart!

  4. If you’re like me and you avoid large crowds during season, you’re in luck! You can conveniently order your goods online!
  5. Rest

    EASIER SAID THAN DONE! If you can take it easy, do it! Don’t overwork yourself during an already busy time of year. Stress weakens your immune system. I try my best to give myself more grace during cold and flu season for this particular reason.

  6. Always Wash Your Hands!

    Don’t even act like this is obvious because we don’t always wash our hands! Of course there are the obvious times (ex: restroom) but we don’t think about washing our hands all the time. Whenever I leave my daughter’s gymnastic class or her toddler group, I make sure to hand sanitize or wash all of our hands!

This are the tips that work for me personally during cold and flu season. I would love to know what keeps the germs at bay for you and your family. Comment below and share the tips!

Thanks for reading! You can learn more about Kleenex at the Walmart Page (here).