What’s in My Bag: Hospital Bag Edition


“This ain’t my first rodeo!”

No, it really isn’t! I had my first baby less than 2 years ago AND I’ve worked as a postpartum nurse for 3 years.With that being said, I feel a little knowledgeable on what is needed and not needed in the hospital setting. Although I do consider myself to be “experienced” in this particular area of motherhood, I definitely made some mistakes when packing my bag both times. I decided to write this post AFTER I had Baby J to focus on what I brought, what I wish I would have brought, and what I should have left at home!¬†

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Baby J’s Birth Story

As you know, I love a good birth story. No matter how your child came into the world: vaginal or c-section, natural or heavily medicated, at a birthing center or hospital; I think that every story is beautiful and unique. Baby J’s story isn’t necessarily exciting but it is still a beautiful story worth sharing.

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When Pregnancy Ain’t Pretty: An Update and a Blogging Break

Pregnancy Ain't Perfect Aiming for August

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, I had an idea in mind. I wanted to write about pregnancy and motherhood from an authentic point of view so that other women who didn’t feel as though their lives were perfect would find a place of solace. Now, here I am, pregnant again and have barely bared my soul on my own personal writing space. I only have a couple of days left of pregnancy and I am full of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I think it’s only appropriate to let that out and talk a little bit about everything going on in life right now.

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Creating a Capsule Maternity Wardrobe


If you’ve already went through the internal debate of whether or not to purchase maternity clothes and you’re on this page, then you’ve possibly decided “Yes! Give me all of the cute clothes for my beautifully blossoming body”. Before you go crazy and start buying things willy-nilly, read more to figure out how exactly to create your capsule maternity wardrobe.

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Maternity Clothes: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Maternity fashion is all the rage whenever you’re expecting. When you’re feeling down or just not like yourself, a nice new outfit can definitely cheer you up! So when you’re pregnant, finding the cutest and nicest thing to wear can be very exciting. On the other hand, pregnancy is not permanent. Although nine months may seem long, it can fly by in the blink of eye. This leaves some women¬†wondering if it is even worth it to purchase any maternity clothing. With this being my second pregnancy, I feel that I have enough background to answer the question: “Should I or should I not purchase a maternity wardrobe?”. In today’s post, I’m doing just that! I’m answering the question (in my opinion, obviously) as well as discussing the pros and cons of this topic!

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