4 Motivational Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

tips on breastfeeding in public
First off, I want to say a huge thank you to Covered Goods for providing me and Baby J with an awesome nursing cover. Second, I want to thank you for reading and supporting the brands that support my blog!

Breastfeeding in public can be an anxious event! With Baby E, it definitely was for me. The first time that we went out, just the two of us, I went and hid in the restroom when it was time to nurse her. Not because I was ashamed, I was honestly just nervous. I was nervous of being judged or being told that I couldn’t do it in that moment. I was a first time mom still learning to navigate all of the ins and outs of motherhood. Now, with Baby J, I still feel nerves when I had to nurse him publicly but way more confidence than 2 years ago. Today, I want to share what has helped me feel confident and in control when breastfeeding in public.

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Breast, Bottle, and the Beauty of Infant Feeding

“I bottle fed, and I breastfed, and before I knew it, they were all eating stale french fries off the floor of the minivan and I was like, whatever, thanks for cleaning.”

-Joslyn Gray

Not only is this quote hilarious but it’s so relatable. Seriously, mamas. Haven’t we all thought this before? Feeding our tiny humans is so hard sometimes… but why is that? Why does it have to be so hard from day 1?

I’ve recently starting thinking about my breastfeeding experiences with both of my children. I’ve concluded that society’s role in our family’s feeding is one major factor in making our entire experience more stressful than it needs to be. There can be pressure when feeding in public, breast or bottle. There may also be an overall lack of support from friends and family and/or lack of breastfeeding education provided. In today’s post, I’m going to recap my experience with breastfeeding. I’m also going to share a cool new platform by Happy Family. This platform is devoted to making sure that all families feel supported during their infant feeding journey!

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10 Tips for Increasing (and Maintaining) Your Milk Supply

I was fortunate enough to have the ability to nurse my daughter for 13 months with absolutely no milk supply issues! I was totally an over-researcher in the beginning stages of nursing. I constantly worried that I would run into issues with my supply so I did everything possible to make sure that I never got to that point. I’m going to share the tips that worked for me but know that every body and nursing situation is different.

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Breastfeeding Essentials

I’ve talked a lot about what I like to use for breastfeeding and pumping in Part 3 and Part 4 but I wanted to give a final, brief overview of some of my favorite breastfeeding items. The aspiring minimalist in me says that you truly don’t need a lot of these items; but the practical mom who is trying to keep her head on her shoulders says, “get them all”!

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