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Our Favorite Toddler Snacks


I’ve been meaning to bust this post out sooner because a few people have asked me about the snacks that E eats. We don’t always pick the “healthiest” options but I think we’ve picked things that are pretty close to it! So let’s dig in and learn more about what we think are the best toddler snacks!

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A Round-Up of My Newborn Favorites

Baby J is growing incredibly fast! I know that people always say that time will fly by but man, it really is flying by this time around. With Baby E, I had no idea what baby products we needed but now I feel a little bit more confident in what my absolute favorite newborn items are! In today’s post, I’m going to share a few newborn favorites (with affiliate links so you can shop!) and why I love them! 

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Let’s Talk About Sleep, Baby (Part 1)

Baby 1:

  • Started life by being nursed to sleep
  • Continued to be nursed to sleep throughout infancy (my bad)
  • Needed to be motivated (rocked, swung, bounced) until she was even sleepy
  • Had non-diagnosed reflux type issues
  • Would ONLY sleep on an incline until she learned to roll over
  • Mama didn’t read ONE BOOK on infant sleep until it was way too late
  • Finally had to cry it out
  • Didn’t officially sleep through the night until 11 months

Baby 2:

  • TBD but I’m definitely not repeating last time!

Sleep is so precious and valuable. After dealing with Baby E’s sleep situation, I told myself I wouldn’t let that happen again (if I could have any control over it). So I’ve made it my goal to give Baby J positive sleep habits and I’m going to share what¬†has helped us so far!

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Adventures in Avoiding Screen Time: 20 Screen Free Activities for a Toddler

screen free toddler activities

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, screen-time should be very limited for all children. They believe that children under 2 years of age¬†shouldn’t have ANY screen time unless it’s videochatting. From ages 2 to 5, they say to limit it to one hour of “educational” television per day. Though the rules and regulations have been addressed, I personally find this to be an unrealistic expectation in today’s society.

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