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Mom Guilt and Lessons Learned: Our Seattle and Portland Trip 2016

A few weeks ago, J and I took our first trip away without baby. It went really well but let’s just say it definitely won’t be happening again for a very long time. We’ll get more on that later… It was a great trip and I’m going to talk all about our experience in Seattle and a little bit of Portland, why we went on this trip anyways, and how mama did on her first time away from baby.

There’s something about the city of Seattle that was calling my name. I seriously woke up one day and said to my husband, “let’s move to Seattle”. It became this weird fantasy that helped me escape reality or something. I started an entire Pinterest board dedicated to moving to Seattle, haha. So, I decided that if I truly felt called to go here, then I need to be reasonable and actually check the place out first. So, one morning, after receiving an email for flight deals, I purchased 2 tickets to Seattle.

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Final Friday Feature: 5 Houston Instagram Accounts to Follow

It’s the last Friday of the month and I wanted to use this day to highlight some of my favorites! For my first Final Friday Feature, I’m talking about my favorite Houston Instagram accounts!

I have a major “love-hate” relationship with the City of Houston. I was born and raised in the suburbs outside of the city and now I’m raising my family in the heart of it. It’s hot, it floods WAY too often, and traffic makes travelling intolerable. Even though there are tons of things that annoy me, this city is also extremely incredible. The diversity is amazing; from the food to the people, there is always something new and different. There is always something to do; you can’t be bored in this city!

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8 Street Art Spots in Houston

I definitely have a thing with walls! A lot of people already know that about me! Nature makes the best backdrop but street art is a close second. I instantly get captivated by the murals on the Houston streets and I usually get a picture with the walls (very casual). The list is always growing especially since I find new art on the regular.

Here’s 8 spots in Houston that you should definitely take your baby, your man candy, or go solo to snap a really great picture!

(Fun fact: most of these locations are located near some of sort of food or drink.)
(Another fun fact: I took most of these from the car window, haha… apologies for the poor quality.)

1. Biscuit Paint Wall at Biscuit Home (1435 Westheimer Rd)Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art
2. Daniel Anguilu at Common Bond (1706 Westheimer Rd)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby for both: Common Bond for brunch type foods and coffee, Empire Cafe as well. There’s a Raising Cane’s a little down the street too!
Tips for this location: try and go during a less busy time for the best shot. Cars are usually parked next to the mural.

3. Love at St Mark’s United Methodist Church (600 Pecore Street)

Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby: Whataburger

4. Greetings from Houston at Gelazzi (3601 White Oak)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby: Here at Gelazzi for gelato and other sweets. There’s a few more places on White Oak to check out! Coltivare for Pizza, Christian’s Tailgate and Onion Creek for Burgers, Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts for chicken and/or donuts. There’s so much variety!
Tips for this location: Usually tons of cars parked next to the mural- so go during a less busy time! It’s hard to get the entire sign in a picture if you’re using a cell phone so stand across the street and hope there are no cars to ruin your shot!

5. You are my Sunshine at Thread Houston (249 West 19th Street)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtFood nearby: Zoe’s Kitchen, Snap Kitchen (so good!)
Tips for this location: timing is key for this picture. The lighting can be weird depending on certain hours. Also you’ll have to park near Zoe’s or Snap and walk to the building (if you’re driving).

6. Houston is Inspired (313 Travis Street)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtNo tips because I’ve barely ever been able to get out of my car to get a good shot! There’s so much construction downtown… Also, it’s downtown so be safe, obviously.

East Downtown:
Tips for all of the EaDo locations: be safe- they’re sort of in shady areas- not too shady but just enough, ya know? Anyways, be smart about your surroundings, especially if you have your little one with you!

7. Sugar and Cloth Color Wall at Headquarters HTX (3302 Canal Street)
*unfortunately this location is no longer painted*

Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall ArtTips for this location: This picture was taken across the street- so to get the entire wall, that’s what you’ll have to do. You can obviously just do one color if you’re up close. If it rains, it’ll flood a little bit right there in front but it’s not too bad!

8. Graffiti Heaven (corner of Leeland and St. Emanuel- exact location unknown)
Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art can see more of the street art from this awesome area here.

9. Unknown Artist beside Ahh! Coffee and other eateries (2018 Rusk Street)

Street Art, Houston Street Art, Wall Art

ignore the fact that I’m in this picture!

So there’s a few cool Houston spots. As I stated before, I’m always exploring the city and finding new things so consider this part one of Houston street art. In the meantime, if you know of any cool places, let me know and comment below!

Houston Street Art

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