A Food Review with Lorissa’s Kitchen

Now that I’m done being pregnant (for good) and a mother of two, I’m way more focused on my health and fitness levels. I need to be healthy for myself and to be a good role model to my children. I need to be in shape to keep up with them! With that being said, I’ve been trying new foods and exercises a lot lately! I was recently approached by Lorissa’s Kitchen to try their meat snacks. In today’s post, I’m going to share my opinions on the 4 different LK flavors.

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Whole 30 Inspiration: 15 Incredible Instagram Accounts


If you’ve been following my social media recently, then you’ll know that I’ve started doing a round of Whole 30 for the summer! I’ve done Whole 30 before and I loved everything about it! I don’t consider it to be a diet AT ALL- more of a lifestyle change! I plan on doing a post ALL about my experience this time around but for now, I’m going to share some inspirational Instagram accounts! 

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Cooking with Class: A Blue Apron Review

Aiming for August Blue Apron Experience

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook and Instagram that I was trying out Blue Apron for the first time! I’ve heard tons of great things about this company and food delivery services in general so I was more than excited when they reached out and asked me to collaborate with them! Now that I’ve completed cooking all 3 meals, I’m excited to finally share my experience with Blue Apron; the pros, cons, and overall experience!

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 All about Bone Broth

“A good broth will resurrect the dead.”
– South American proverb.

I have heard tons of good news about bone broth recently. Apparently it’s good for you from head to toe! I’ve attached a link here that puts it in simple terms of why you should try bone broth.

I tried it for a week and here’s my story.

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