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A “Digital Detox” in the Internet Age

I, just like a majority of the population, spend too much time on my phone. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and its connection to mental health, as well as, social media and its connection to actual socialization. For several reasons (self care, connection, being present), I’m doing a 30 day social media cleanse! I honestly don’t know exactly what I’m doing with this or how it will turn out. In this post, I’m going to share my reasons for doing this and what I plan on doing!

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Loving Lately: March 2017

There are always little things that brighten my day. I’ve decided that not only do I want to share the little things that I’m loving lately but I also don’t want to forget them. So hopefully each month I can share a bit of what I’ve discovered and absolutely love!

Also, I know that it’s April 4th, haha. I’m on mom-time where I’m late to do everything and blame it on my busy life ūüėČ

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Disconnected-ish: One Month without a Smartphone

If you follow me on any form of social media , then you’ll know that I recently gave up my iPhone. Well, I didn’t¬†completely give it up… just mostly. A few people have asked about how my “experience” is going so I figured I would share some pros, cons,¬†stories, and ultimately my verdict on whether or not being without a smartphone is actually worth it!

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Final Friday Feature | 5 Resourceful Motherhood Instagram Accounts to Follow

It’s already the last week of January! Wow… time flies! Last year, I tried to start a series called “Final Friday Feature” where I showcase accounts, blogs, or general things that I’m loving each month! Well, I made one post in August, haha. Then, I got pregnant and ¬†had zero motivation¬†to write (that first trimester though). Now that I’m almost in my 3rd trimester, my energy levels are increasing¬†and so is my creativity! This month, I want to share the 5 motherhood related Instagram accounts that have motivated, inspired, or educated me. I hope that if you’re a parent or planning on becoming one in the near future, that you check these accounts out!

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The Ultimate Netflix Binge-Watching List

Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

My husband and I watch¬†a lot of T.V. Not nearly as much as we used to watch before baby but still a whole lot of television shows. I can actually remember the first time that we binge watched our first Netflix show together. It was Winter 2010, our first couple of months living together after a 1.5 year long distance relationship. It was also my first semester of nursing school (aka the wrong time to binge watch ANYTHING). The show was LOST and we spent an entire “snow day” snuggled on the couch, eating frozen pizza, watching hour long episodes back to back. I have a warm spot in my heart for binge watching television shows. I want to motivate EVERYONE to watch more t.v.

Listed by categories, you’ll find a ton of shows that¬†I watched and would highly recommend for a good Netflix binge watch session!

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