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Hosting My First Event with NightLight Pediatrics

houston mom blogger hosting event at nightlight pediatrics

As many of you know, I hosted my first sponsored event on Saturday! It was an intimate “Moms and Mimosas” get together with NightLight Pediatrics! I was anxious about how it would go, since it was my first event and all. For a rookie blogger, I think it went pretty well! I learned a lot of lessons about how to be a proper hostess, which I’ll go over in a later post. I want to dedicate this post to talking about NightLight Pediatrics and WHY I was honored to host this sponsored event!

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Ways to Help // October 2017

I’m not going to lie, some days I truly feel like I’ve given up on humanity. These past couple of months have been brutal on my heart, soul, mental health, etc. After dealing with Hurricane Harvey personally, then watching others deal with Hurricane Irma, I felt this knot in my stomach. After the awful attack in Las Vegas, I felt even more sick and frustrated. I want to give up on people every single day. When I look at my babies, I think about how I have to fight to make this world better for THEM! So, instead of retreating, I’m going to stand up, show up, and fight for humanity. I’m listing some ways to help below!

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Starting a Blog for Beginners

Today’s post has really great tips but it also has some affiliate links. I talk a lot more about what those are in my disclosure page! Enjoy!

So you want to start a blog?!

Well that’s really awesome and you are in the right place. Although I’ve only been blogging for small amount of time, I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot too! Blogging has become a creative outlet for me, a place where I can express myself freely and share my thoughts with the world. It has become an opportunity for me to make money while being home with my children. With every sponsored post or affiliate link, my readers (you) are helping this mama provide love, care, and finances to her family. Finally, blogging has helped me come out of a rut. I’ve found purpose in life, made friends, and ultimately found something to do that helped me shine!

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