Creating a Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

If you’ve already went through the internal debate of whether or not to purchase maternity clothes and you’re on this page, then you’ve possibly decided “Yes! Give me all of the cute clothes for my beautifully blossoming body”. Before you go crazy and start buying things willy-nilly, read more to figure out how exactly to create your capsule maternity wardrobe.

Now, I’m sure that you’re wondering…

What exactly is a capsule maternity wardrobe?

It’s a small collection of maternity clothing that can be used (and reused) to make multiple different outfits.

How to Create a Flawless Capsule Maternity Wardrobe (2)

What does the capsule consist of?

This is going to be different for everyone so you should customize this to your preferences but here is my overall selection and why I selected them. Here’s a few affiliate links with examples!

  • 3-6 tops
    You can mix and match these items with non-maternity coverings to add versatility to your look. I picked two solid colors and one striped top!
  • 1 pair of jeans
    Only one because you’re not pregnancy forever… and maternity jeans can be expensive! Pick one pair that you love and just wear the mess out of them! Besides, I’ve listed 3 other bottoms below so that can add to your look.
  • 1 pair of capris
  • 1 pair of shorts
    This is a must if you live in warmer climate like me. If you live somewhere that is rarely warm, then nix this from your list.
  • 1 pair of black leggings
    This is a MUST! They’re more comfortable than yoga pants. You will absolutely love wearing them and they can be styled with several different types of tops or even dresses.
  • 2-3 dresses
    Dresses are the best when pregnant! Fortunately a lot of non-maternity dresses can be worn in a maternity style. I still like to buy a few maternity dress so my bump is comfortable.
  • 1 maxi dress or skirt
    I love a good maxi dress. Since I’m shorter, maxi skirts are hit or miss but they’re so comfortable during any season that I can’t help but recommend them.

Tips for a flawless capsule wardrobe:

  • Short sleeve tops are key
    • You can always add jackets or cardigans. This option works better for year-round
  • Always go for the basics and neutrals
    • You can add a pop of color or your own flair by adding outer wear that can be reworn after pregnancy. Items such as: jackets, cardigans, jewelry, scarves, shawls, etc.
    • This will allow you to wear your maternity clothing during any season!
  • Don’t just “size-up” in non-maternity clothing unless you absolutely want to
    • I did this for a small few items during my first pregnancy thinking that I could re-wear it afterwards but it wasn’t my original size anyways. So I ended up not wearing those items again.
    • Items like pants, I would say don’t size up- definitely get maternity. Items like dresses can be sized up if you really want! A lot of my flowy dresses were not maternity dresses.
  • If you can, buy used (or on sale)
    • They sell maternity clothing at most children’s consignment shops and they’re usually in wonderful condition at a very reasonable price.
  • Buying nursing friendly tops are a good way to ease your fashion from pregnancy to postpartum

Favorite Maternity Shops

Everyone’s style is different. This capsule is based solely on my own personal style. Hopefully it helps you to figure out what looks you’d want to select! Let me know!