Breastfeeding Essentials

I’ve talked a lot about what I like to use for breastfeeding and pumping in Part 3 and Part 4 but I wanted to give a final, brief overview of some of my favorite breastfeeding items. The aspiring minimalist in me says that you truly don’t need a lot of these items; but the practical mom who is trying to keep her head on her shoulders says, “get them all”!

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Here’s a little bit about each item and the affiliate links to make it easier for you to shop:

1. Receiving blankets are universal… good for cleaning up the babies spit up and a good cover for nursing in public.

2. Breast Pump… Obvs. (Fun fact: the Dr Brown bottles fit these pump attachments).

3. Bottles… another obvious one. Even though Baby E is mostly breastfeeding , she has about 20 different types of bottles (insert monkey-covering-eyes plus eye roll emoji here). Dr. Brown’s worked the best in the first couple of months.

4. Medela Hydrogel Pads: I didn’t know about these until I griped to my postpartum nurse about my painful nipples. She gave them to me and oh my goodness what a nice relief. I napped with them on me and woke up feeling ready to nurse!

5. Bottle cooler: I take it to work but my husband uses it on days that he plans on being out with the baby for a longer amount of time. I’m not sure if it’s an actual necessity but it eases my mind when it comes to keeping the milk fresh.

6. Medela breast milk soap: I was a big germ freak in the beginning so I wanted to make sure the bottles were thoroughly cleaned before she drank out of them.

7. Nursing Pillow: I used it alot in the beginning but then, I learned new positions and she got bigger and I thought I didn’t need it. I didn’t use it for another 3 months UNTIL I saw someone else doing it with their 1 year old on Snapchat and I thought, “why is she using that… her baby is huge”. So I tried it and oh my gosh, it was actually really nice. Using it with a bigger baby has its benefits- she falls asleep a lot easier because it’s like a big pillow and I don’t have to ever arch my back or use my arms to feed her. It took a lot of the physical pains of breastfeeding an infant away.

8. Milkmaker’s Cookies: y’all… if you’re having any supply issues or simply want to boost your supply, these cookies are your jam. It says to eat one a day which is crazy but it’s for the baby, so indulge. I think that they taste really good and the fact that they boost my supply after one cookie is enough for me to give them praise.

9. Fenugreek: I got the “okay” from my doctor and took them because they supposedly increase your supply. I had no supply issues so I took them occasionally with my morning oatmeal. I have heard amazing things about them too.

10. Oatmeal: somewhat healthy breakfast that boosts your supply- win, win.

11. Nursing cover: if you plan on breastfeeding in public and you’re modest, buy one asap and practice while you’re at home! I have 2 and currently practicing breastfeeding with a fidgety baby- I also use my receiving blankets.

12. Mother’s Milk Tea: I love to drink tea! I usually drink it with lunch anyways so I decided to start drinking this tea to increase my supply. I don’t know 100% how legit it is but it tastes great so, why not.

13. Medela Lanolin: I personally like this lanolin and only this brand but try what works for you. This one was a lot more smooth on my nipples than the other brands. You could always try coconut oil.

14. Nursing tank: as well as nursing bras- if you’re nursing, this is a must-buy!

15. Reusable water mugs: they hold a lot of water and they have a straw (so you don’t spill on the baby). Try to drink at least 2 a day and drink while you nurse. Hydration is a major key.

16. Medela quick-clean steam bags: like I said, i was a germ nut in the beginning and I “sterilized” her bottles with this! I guess this is honestly not an essential but I liked it.

17. Reusable nursing pads: This is key! I leaked so much and had the disposable ones and used those but whoa, carbon footprint! The reusable ones are much more environmentally friendly- just use and put them in the wash!

18. Your smart phone– hahahaha, some breastfeeding sessions are so long! Keep yourself entertained with some social media when you learn to become a little more hands-free. No, I don’t get on my phone all the time. Yes, I am also bonding with my baby. Let’s be real though, sometimes you’re going to want to do some web browsing while you’re nursing.

19. Netflix– Netflix was a game changer in the beginning stages of breastfeeding. With all of those late night nursing sessions and cluster feeds, I needed something to keep me awake and entertained. Thank goodness for binge-watching and shows with several seasons.

20. Lansinoh 3-in-1 breast therapy pads: during the lovely time of engorgement, I was in so much pain but using these pads was very beneficial. They come in sets of two- for your two breasts and can be heated and frozen. I alternated between heat and cold for a couple of days. When my milk production was regulated, I just left them in the freezer and now they double as ice packs for everyday use!

So, these are a few of my favorite breastfeeding items. Most can serve as a double-use item or be used over a span of time (for the next baby or babies). They also make great gifts or registry items for moms that you know plan on breastfeeding!

  • Dani Adams-Barry

    These are all great items. I had not heard of the breast therapy pads when I was breastfeeding. Those look amazing.

  • These are all essentials for breastfeeding and pumping!

  • I had a lot of the same faves! Check out the Milkies Milk Saver too 🙂

  • Gina

    These are great items for breastfeeding. I was unable to breastfeed so I had no idea there were actually products on the market to help.

  • Tineke F

    Oh my gosh, #13 saved my life!! This is a great list!

  • Shani Ogden

    Lanolin is one of the best things in the world when breastfeeding! I always recommend it to new moms and try to give them some at their baby showers.

  • Claudia

    Love this!! When I was breastfeeding I loved post like these!! You listed all of my excentials!

  • Justine Y

    As someone who has breastfed four babies, I can say that I love this list! I’ve used and loved almost everything on it! And amen to Netflix! During the day I liked to try and read while nursing, but at nighttime it’s all about the Netflix!