How to Kick Baby’s First Cold

Baby J is only 6 months old and he has a cold or cold related symptoms at least 4 times! Because E was rarely ever sick, I can remember initially thinking “oh no, this is my baby’s first cold, what do I do?” Now, I feel pretty knowledgeable and most importantly, level headed when it comes to all things cold related! Since it’s cold and flu season, I figured I’d share!

Before we dive in, I just want to thank Night Light Pediatrics for sponsoring this post. As you know, I hosted my first event with them. Now I’m fortunate enough to continue our partnership by sharing this post. This post also has affiliate links which you can learn more about in my disclaimer. As always, thank you for reading, supporting me, and supporting the brands that support me.

Alright, now let’s learn how to combat baby’s first cold!

  • Get the essentials:
    • Boogie Wipes
      • Okay…  I’m not going to lie, at first I thought boogie wipes were ridiculous haha! Then Baby J’s boogers became encrusted to his face and he has the most sensitive skin. So, I got bougie with my boogie wipes! Totally worth it. They’re much better for his skin than using Kleenex.
    • Cool Mist Humidifier
      • The mist helps to soften that booger encrusted nose of theirs… which ultimately helps them breathe better!
    • Thermometer
    • Medication
      • This is where you need to consult your doctor for medication dosage recommendations and what medication your child needs.
      • We’ve used things for extreme fevers but only under the direction of our pediatrician!
    • Nasal Aspirator and Saline
      • I will always sing praise of the Nose Frida! It seems gross at first but y’all, it’s the easiest way to get these boogers out… especially the deep boogers.
    • Incline Sleep Aids
      • It’s not recommended for over night sleep but we used the Rock N Play for several naps. I also let him lay on my chest for a few naps. My pediatrician recommended buying a crib wedge to incline the head of his crib as well. I would check with your pediatrician on the safest thing to do in your own scenario.
  • Have your doctor on back up
    • Having your main pediatrician’s office number is great but having an after hours number is even better! This is where Night Light Pediatrics comes in and shines. Most of my scary mom moments have happened late and night, when most offices are closed. If you’re in the Houston area, I would definitely take advantage of Night Light Pediatrics and keep them in mind this cold and flu season. If you’re not in the Houston area, google “after hours pediatric clinics in the area” and that should help alleviate those late night worries.
  • Comfort and Cuddles
    • This is the time that these little babies need you the most! I’m a firm believer in cuddling as being one of the best medicines. Personally, I feel so much better when wrapped in someone’s arms. With that being said, hold your babies… cuddle them and make them feel good even though they’re feeling down!
  • Stay Knowledgeable
  • Clean!
    • Once the virus is on its last leg, start deep cleaning your house. It helps in the long run but momentarily can help the entire family feel less “icky”.

There you have it- this is what worked for me whenever it was my baby’s first cold and I hope it helps you! Comment below if you have any additional questions, tips or tricks. 🙂