Baby J’s Birth Story

As you know, I love a good birth story. No matter how your child came into the world: vaginal or c-section, natural or heavily medicated, at a birthing center or hospital; I think that every story is beautiful and unique. Baby J’s story isn’t necessarily exciting but it is still a beautiful story worth sharing.

If you’ve read Baby E’s birth story, then you’ll know that I think all birth stories should have the lead up to the birth or the final prenatal appointment. About 3 weeks before my final appointment I went in for my final ultrasound. I didn’t talk about Baby J’s size in detail but he measured on the smaller side the entire pregnancy. I had about 12 ultrasounds the entire pregnancy and a few visits to a specialist. At the final ultrasound, his head circumference was still on the smaller side and I was referred back to the maternal fetal medicine specialist for another check up (#stressful). It was stressful but fortunately he measured just big enough for us to not be “alarmed”. As someone who works in medicine, I knew how to read the measurements and I knew that they were still not the most favorable sizes, especially the head circumference.  Though they were also not the worst measurements according to the specialist.

Monday. May 1, 2017
Anyways, at my final appointment, he was still measuring small but the MFM wasn’t too concerned. I was also already 4 cm and experiencing very mild contractions. Because of his size and my status, I was offered an induction date by my doctor. The date was exactly 7 days after the appointment and 2 days before my actual due date. I hesitantly said yes.

I was hesitant because I honestly never saw myself getting induced. The first time, labor happened naturally and spontaneously. The thought of controlling something so raw just felt weird… Though, I did think that the induction could possibly be in the best interest for every member of my family.

Monday, May 8, 2017
The day of the induction, I actually had another doctor’s appointment that I scheduled willingly because I was unsure if I was actually going to go through with the induction. After experiencing a lot of labor signs, I decided to cancel the appointment and just go through with it. We dropped Baby E off and used the rest of the day to prepare for the Baby J’s arrival. I literally laid on the couch with knots in my stomach for a majority of the day. Also crying occasionally. I was excited, nervous, and terrified all at the same time. Knowing that it’s coming is so much more intimidating the the element of surprise.

We got to the hospital at 7pm. I was instructed to towel bathe myself with some special wipes and then get into my gown. An IV was started and arm bands were placed and I was considered to be a hospital patient at that time! My nurse went to call the doctor and get orders of what to do next. When she came back, she had a huge smile on her face and said “so, your doctor isn’t actually on call tonight anymore but the on call doctor says that since you’re already dilated with steady contractions and have a history of fast labor, we can just run fluids over night and start your pitocin at 5am.” I was pissed, haha. I didn’t want to sleep in a hospital just to have unnecessary fluids running… I considered leaving but after talking it over with my husband and realizing that we’ve already checked in and are going to have to pay for all of this medical stuff that they’ve opened anyways, we decided to stay.

I uncomfortably slept in the hospital bed and was annoyed by nurses about every 2 hours or each time I switched positions and the baby was off of the monitor. I asked told my nurse that at 5am, I would really appreciate it if she could be on time with the pitocin so we could get this show started. (Nurses are the worst patients, y’all). She agreed and arrived promptly at 4:55 am. I had pitocin for about 3 hours with NO CERVICAL CHANGES and literally no pain. This is where I think that natural is better… If I was walking around, I’m sure something would have changed in my cervix.

Anyways, shift change occurred and the new nurse informed me that my doctor would arrive at 8 am to break my water. My doctor came at about 9 am and my water was broken. Contractions became MUCH more intense after my water was broken and I knew that I needed to get my epidural ASAP. I tried to fight through each contraction because I was only 6cm at this point but they started to become unbearable. Fortunately my husband reminded me of how long it took last time and motivated me to ask for one right then and there. So I did and within 45 minutes or so (at about 1040 am), I got my epidural.

Let me just say, I absolutely love getting an epidural. That’s just me personally because I hate the actual pain of labor… When I have the epidural, I feel warm and cozy and mentally prepared for what my body is about to do. It’s like it completely took all of my anxiety away!

So finally I could chill (or so I thought). The baby wasn’t responding well to the contractions. His heart rate was dropping alarmingly low with each contraction and I could see that my really calm nurse was actually worried. I tried to remain chill and find a position that was favorable for him. Once we found the position, I didn’t move.

After about 15-30 minutes of reassuring heart tones and chill time, I felt like I maybe kind of had to poop. The nurse instructed me to let her know when I had this feeling but I wasn’t really sure. I wanted to try and take a nap but Jonathan convinced me to call the nurse. Good thing I did because boom- I was 10 cm, haha. It was time to start pushing!

The nurse came in and we did one practice push before the doctor got there! After two extremely easy pushes, Baby J was born! As soon as I saw him, I cried. After all of the ultrasounds, stress, and scares, my perfect baby boy was here weighing in at 6 pounds- 12 ounces. His head was shaped “normally”. He was breathing. The little one that gave me so much anxiety was finally here and I couldn’t help but weep and thank God.

Baby j Birth Story 1

Baby j Birth story 3

After I got it together, I talked to the doctor about what was going on with me. I wanted to know about everything that was going on downstairs for healing purposes. She talked me through the placenta delivery and the sewing of stitches. In the meantime, Baby J was getting measured and assessed right next to me on the warmer. Once the doctor was done, we hugged and said our goodbyes. I also made sure to get her to write out my discharge orders right then, haha. (I could not stay in the hospital for any more days). Then I got to snuggle my baby boy, do some skin-to-skin to regulate his temperature and focus on nursing.

baby J birth story 2

As I said, super boring birth story. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as Baby E’s but it was so beautiful to me. I never saw myself getting induced but I did it. It wasn’t nearly as awful as everyone makes it seem!

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