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A nurse smiled at me and exclaimed, “here’s your due date!”
August Twenty Ninth, Two Thousand and Fifteen.
I still couldn’t believe that I was actually pregnant and suddenly, I had a date.

I longed to hold my baby in my arms.
I yearned to complete my pregnancy and become a mother.
I was terrified and excited and nervous and still in disbelief.
But my target was set; I aimed for August.
The summer months came to an end and I knew that it was almost time.
The date was approaching, slowly but surely.
As I crossed off each date in my August section of the calendar, I grew impatient.

Baby E arrived on the final day of August.
August 31, 2015.
Throughout the entirety of my pregnancy, I gained a sense of patience
(Especially during that last month…)

Although getting to August was my only goal,
I learned a lot about myself, my life, and motherhood during my pregnancy.
Recently, I learned a new definition for the word, August.

August (adj): respected and impressive.
Synonyms: distinguished, prestigious, celebrated, honored, acclaimed, esteemed.

I know that perfection isn’t realistic or always possible in life but I aim for it.
I aim for August to celebrate the arrival of cooler weather (#Texanproblems).
I aim for August to celebrate my daughter and the day she helped mold me into a mother.
I aim for being an august person, an august wife, and an august mother.

I will always aim for August
and you’re more than welcome to join me on the ride.

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