2nd Trimester Favorites

I am thankfully done with my 2nd trimester and onto my final trimester of my final pregnancy! It’s mostly exciting because I’m 75 percent done and almost in the position to meet my little boy! I know that our lives are about to completely be flipped upside down but I’m excited about it all. If you read my second trimester update, then you’ll know that this trimester wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. I found a lot of things to make it a little bit better and I’m going to share those in hopes that they also help other mamas too!

1. Prenatal vitamins | I personally don’t love taking prenatal vitamins. They tend to make me (and other women) nauseated or leave a bad taste in my mouth. Plus, I don’t know why but a lot of over-the-counter prenatal vitamins require you to take like 3-4 pills in a day… who has the memory for that?! Anyways, I finally found a natural vitamin with DHA that I love and this is it. I suck at taking pills and I can easily take this one without feeling like I’m going to choke.

2. Snoogle Body Pillow | This pillow is a game changer… honestly the first night after using it was amazing. I have terrible back pain and sleep discomfort during pregnancy. I’m typically a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper but both are off limits. With this pillow, I have amazing support behind my back, cushion in between my legs and a pillow that’s the perfect level under my head. Seriously, buy this now! It’s so worth the money…

3. Orthopedic Pillows | Again, I have the worst back pain and need all of the support I can get… so I use this pillow when sitting up in bed or on the couch. It feels great behind my back and I absolutely love it.

4. Filtered Water Bottle | During pregnancy, you need to keep yourself hydrated and a lot of times, I forget to do it. I bought this water bottle last pregnancy in order to make sure that I was always hydrated. Apparently it filters gross tastes and lead in addition to other things.

5. Back Brace | Are you sick of me talking about my back pain yet? Haha! I have this brace in the beige color but you can also get it in black for 1 dollar more. I wish I would have gotten it in black but I bought this during my first pregnancy and had no idea it was even an option. Anyways, I wear this on the days when my back can’t take carrying a 25 lb toddler anymore and also on my 12 hour work days. It works wonders.

6. Black Leggings | Just when you think regular leggings are comfortable, you discover maternity leggings. They are AMAZING. I basically wear them every day. I really don’t think I have to sell anyone on how great leggings are, haha.

7. Yeti Cup | I feel like such a Texan because of my newfound love for the Yeti cup. Seriously every Texan I know has one. J won 2 of them for Christmas which means I automatically got one… so of course, I was going to use it. It’s obviously incredible at thermo-regulation. Man, when that ice water hits my mouth, it is absolute pregnancy bliss.


2nd Trimester Favorites | Aiming for August

So, here are a few of my favorite pregnancy things! If you’re expecting or have had a baby, what helped you get through your pregnancy? I still have 11 weeks left so I’m sure I’ll need more help along the way!

Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links… just a heads up 🙂