The First Two Weeks of 2 Babies under 2 Years Old.

“Well don’t you have your hands full?”

I’ve only had two children for a total of two weeks. In that amount of time, I’ve heard this phrase so much that if I was getting a dollar for each time it was said, I’d have enough money to put at least one of these cuties through college. I’m exaggerating… slightly but I have heard this phrase enough to start deeply examining it.

“Well, don’t you have your hands full?”

Yes, we really do…

These first two weeks have been an adjustment; a tiresome, hormonal adjustment. But they have also been a lot better than I expected.

The house is an absolute mess. You know how most moms go through the nesting phase before their baby is born and they want to clean everything? Well, I wanted to clean everything for sure… just didn’t have the energy or passion to follow through with it. So, everything is a mess.

This is real life. This is embracing the mess.

The living room floor is covered in toys.

The kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes.

The bathroom is packed with all of the postpartum necessities needed for my never ending visits.

Our bedroom has basically become a storage closet for all things baby related.

I feel like every inch of our house is drenched in breast milk, sweat, crumbs, or baby boogers.

Baby E is teething, in need of extra attention, and acting like a typical toddler by throwing tantrums over the most random things.

Baby J has been congested nightly, sleeps amazing during the day but wants to be cute and wide-eyed between the hours of 2am-6am, and cluster feeds all evening.

During these first two weeks, I’ve felt an extreme lack of patience, the need to be completely alone and submerged in a quiet and peace and a heavy amount of mom guilt. I’ve felt my heart swell up two times larger than I ever imagined it could become. I’ve felt physical pain, unimaginably disgusted by my own body fluids, and more tired than I expected. I’ve had a lot of feelings…

Though there are a million words and phrases that I could use to describe these first two weeks, the word that I haven’t used so far is “lucky”. I’ve felt a lot of things but when I look at my husband hold my son, I feel lucky. When I get to sleep while the baby sleeps because my husband is watching the toddler, I feel lucky. When I watch my daughter gush over her baby brother, I feel so lucky.

Even though everything in life is currently a mess, I’m learning to embrace this new normal. For it’s only a season. a season that I’m lucky enough to have. I’ve had to remind myself of this during multiple tantrums and multiple nightly sleep disturbances.

It’s really only a season.

So, instead of complaining or yearning for tomorrow, I’m learning to live in the now and embrace the mess. This new Huggies campaign is motivating caregivers to embrace the mess or “hug the mess” and it came at such an appropriate time. As I type this, the things happening in my household are insane. I agree with all of the innocent bystanders when they say that I have my hands full. My hands are completely full right now and as cheesy as it sounds, so is my heart.

As I’ve said, this post is sponsored by Huggies but all opinions are my own. This sponsorship came at such an awesome time with such a great reminder. Having two children under the age of two means twice (if not 3 times) the diapers. I’ve noticed an increased absorbency in the diapers, holding more fluid means less frequent changes and blowouts. The wipes also come out one by one instead of what feels like a million at a time. These Huggies diapers and wipes came at such a great time. The idea of embracing life’s messes did too. I hope these products help you as much as they helped me! You can buy Huggies at Family Dollar and find a location near you with this link. For 2 dollars off of your purchase, you can use this link for a coupon code!

Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Cayana Kiki

    I always love reading your posts! You make motherhood seem so much more relatable than the “supermoms who have it all together!” You are the true supermom!

    • Erica Nicole

      I love you kiks. That totally made my day.

  • Caitlin Rogers

    Ohhhhh, mama, I feel you! I had 3 under 3 (but the 3 year old had JUST turned 3 when the twins were born), and it doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it lol! Pure chaos! You got this! Hugs 🙂 🙂

    • Erica Nicole

      Thank you for your well wishes. Haha I love that quote “it doesn’t get easier, you just get better”. So true!!