Life Lately: Spring 2018

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I’m trying to make sure that I blog a little bit more for myself lately. It’s nice having a blog to help and motivate others but also keep track of the things that I’m doing. So, I’m going to update y’all on everything going on in my life so far. Everything aside from my obsession with Cardi B’s new album, haha.  🙂

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BOTM March 2018 Review: “An American Marriage”

An American Marriage, Book Review

One of my 2018 goals (at least one of the ones that has stuck with me) is to read more books! I’ve been read several self-help, inspirational books because I was in a season where I needed to be motivated and inspired. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of reading fiction books. This month, I randomly decided to read the book “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones. Not going to lie, I only decided to read the book because it was on Oprah’s book club list, it was recommended by the Book of the Month instagram page, and a Barnes and Noble bestseller. It was popular and seemed good enough, so I read it and here’s my review.

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What I’ve Learned in My 2 Years of Blogging + the Future of Aiming for August

Blogging Revelations!

So, I’ve been blogging for two years now and HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT IT! Just two months ago, I had a completely different vision and plan for myself and blogging and so much has changed for me since them. I’ve learned a lot about this “industry” and myself a long the way and want to share it all here in a lovely rambling session,  haha. 🙂

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