27 Things About Me

1. The Office is my favorite show of all time. I watch season 2- season 7 episode 21 at least twice a year. 

2. I was cheerleader for about 12 years, school and competition. That was the only sport that I ever actually participated in. 

3. I decided to try out for Lacrosse my freshman year of college. I quit the second day of tryout practice after a girl hit me with her stick. 

4. I’ve lived in Houston, Dallas, and Waco and had lots of visits/stays in Austin. Out of those cities, Dallas is my favorite but Houston is more “me”. 

5. If I wasn’t a registered nurse (or wife or mom), I’d want to be a backup dancer!

6. My guilty pleasure is Chick-Fil-A. 

7. I don’t like staying at other people’s houses overnight! I’m such a homebody with the most ridiculous level of comfort. 

8. It takes a lot to actually make me laugh out loud. 

9. I’ve always had a hard time picking my favorite color but after 27 years, I can easily say that it’s gray. 

10. I love learning new languages. Spanish has my heart!

11. I don’t like watching movies, especially in a movie theatre. I just don’t have the attention span for it. I don’t have attention issues, I just don’t want to devote time to that when I have a life to live. 

12. With that being said, I can easily binge watch an entire season in one day! I don’t know why I can do this but not watch a movie. 

13. If a movie was made before 2000 or longer than 2 hours, I refuse to watch it. This is my new standard- I have seen tons of classics but not enough according to my movie buff, film obsessed husband. 

14. I used to be really embarassed to cry in front of other people. Once I got into college, I stopped caring about it so much. 

15. College was one of the best times of my life. 

16. Graduating college and finishing nursing school will always be the happiest day of my life. So many tears and moments of anxiety and uncertainty went into earning that degree. On graduation day, I had a lot of “pinch me, is this real?” moments. 

17. I thrive on routine. It’s one of my least favorite traits about myself because life can be so hectic and I have a hard time coping with the act of straying from my norm. 

18. I only get my nails painted 4 colors: light purple, any shade of pink, gray, or black. But I only paint my toes pink. 

19. My favorite type of books are non-fiction books. In the past 5 years, I’ve read so many incredible books by such motivational women. 

20. I don’t like concerts anymore. I think that they’re too expensive for me to basically sit and jam out with my friends. I can do that in my living room for free with a much better view. 

21. I live in hoodies and sweatpants, no matter the weather. I just love full coverage haha!

22. I went to a high school where we weren’t allowed to have homework for the first year of the school opening. It was my sophomore year and it was sort of wild. 

23. I’ve always wanted a sister. That never happened! When I found out that I was having a daughter, it was the best day of my life. I actually called to find out the blood results without my husband because I was so eager. Once they said she was a baby girl, I bawled my eyes out. I happy cried alone in my house for about 30 minutes. 

24. I eat a lot of food raw. Not because of the benefits though… it’s mostly because I’m disturbingly lazy when it comes to cooking. 

25. I love journaling. The flood waters actually took all of my journals so I’m starting fresh! I’m really excited for this fresh start though. 

26. I like animals enough to advocate for them, change my eating habits to make their lives more humane, and cry over their deaths in real life and in movies; but if you ask me to go to a petting zoo and touch them, that’s going to be a no from me, dawg. 

27. Desserts are my weakness. I have an addiction to them without a doubt! This is why I like doing whole 30… it helps me quit my sugar indulgent habits. 

So that’s 27 things that you may not know about me! I’m excited to do 28 next year 😜

What’s Happening after Harvey

Most of you all know that we were one of the several families impacted by Hurricane Harvey 2 weeks ago. I haven’t talked about it much anymore but I think it’s time to update everyone on where we are (literally) and how we’re doing.

So… the water ended up going to the top of that little wooden table. It was so forceful that it knocked down everything that we stacked up high! So none of this “flood prepping” truly mattered. Note: my husband did go back home and get some of this stuff! So that cute little bath tub over there was saved! Haha

The water ended up reaching the top of that 3rd or 4th bookshelf! My husband went and rescued a lot of these books too… Thankfully those pictures at the top were sparred! We kept those weights because we love them but they have been heavily sanitized in bleach!

These three pictures were taken the morning that we decided to head 40 minutes north and stay with my husband’s family. I spent most of the day on Instagram, of course. It’s cool now because I have documentation of the entire experience. So as you can see, the morning before the storm hit land, I was up lifting things off of the ground. I KNEW that our place would flood. Every sign pointed me towards this idea (I’ll explain later) so I started preparing as soon as I could and as much as I could. Like I said, I knew it would flood, I just had no idea how high it would be. I was anticipating 1-2 feet of water and that’s what I planned for when moving everything.

So how are we doing?

We are doing really well and getting better every day! It has obviously been a really emotional, stressful time but we have had so much support and an outpouring of love from our friends, family, and community. Seeing all of the wreckage from the storm was really triggering. Prior to the storm, my husband and a couple of our best friends went back to our place to save as much as they could in a short amount of time. They also attempted to lift essential items so they wouldn’t be affected by the water. Like most of the city, we knew that we’d get some high water but we didn’t anticipate it being as high as it was. So all in all, we lost a lot of things, some sentimental items and some random things that we truly didn’t know we missed until they were gone. At the end of the day, I’m just thankful that we had the foresight to get out of there and as far away as possible.

If anything, this storm taught me be more thankful.

Thankful for family that was there to shelter us.

Thankful for friends who checked on us, helped us, and supported us.

Thankful for the connections I’ve made through blogging because those online presences have become friends, friends who have also rallied for my family in our time of need.

I’m thankful for so much more now that I have so less. It’s been a really emotional and almost cathartic experience. 

So we were fortunate enough to be invited to live in our first Houston home again! In this moment, I’m actually thankful that we are renters and didn’t have to deal with the chaos of complete reconstruction! So we moved back into the home where my babies grew and it’s bittersweet. I’m so happy (and thankful) to be back here but the circumstances aren’t the happiest. Baby E and Mara are excited to have a backyard again. I’m excited to have a park on walking distance and be around people that I’ve already formed connections with. Also, so glad to still be in the city! The Heights has my heart and I honestly can’t even imagine living anywhere else in Houston at this moment of my life.

With support and donations from friends and family, we’ve replaced a lot of furniture and small items around the house. The solidarity at each furniture store was unreal. Everyone was obviously looking for things to replace their flooded items. We all discussed what we lost while we waited outside of IKEA on Labor Day. We also had to replace literally everything in our kitchen down to the food. What batter way to kick start healthy eating habits! Now we’re currently working on re-transferring everything back to this address (mail, electricity, insurance, etc). We totally have a lot on our plate right now but absolutely nothing to complain about!


We thought that those things on top of the bed would be okay. Everything on the mattress was soaked and covered in mold by the time we got to it. The headboard was made of wood and basically was soggy and broken. The items on top of the headboard were somewhat okay. I think the only thing that made it was that container on the far right because it just had coins in it.

So, I lost every journal that I ever owned. Fortunately they were all only 2 years old. It was definitely heartbreaking to see all of the notes that I had written to E all messed up but I saved them and HOPE to transfer them soon! Also my personal journal was destroyed. On the positive side, the last thing I wrote about was needing change. So here is it!

The water line

So the fridge fell into the oven. Which damaged both items. I have no idea how long the fridge was unplugged but it had water in it AND all of the food had already spoiled… including my entire breastmilk stash! If you look in the bottom left, you can see a bowl full of sludge… that’s leftover water in OUR COLANDER. That’s how thick it was!

The old kitchen

OH! Funny story: right before the storm, I told Jonathan that we needed to start downgrading our stuff and living more a minimal lifestyle. I also read a passage from a book (on my nook which I also lost-ha!) that talked about a guy hitting rock bottom. He lost everything and that’s when he found himself and became some super successful CEO or something.

So, cheers to the start of my new beginning. This is my “started from the bottom, now I’m here” moment, right?! May this devastation bring forth something wonderful! I’m excited to see where this new path of life takes us!

EVERYTHING You Want to Know About My Whole 30 Experience

What is Whole 30?

Because SO many people seem to think it’s a trend or a fad diet, I want to clarify exactly what it is. It’s really about changing your mindset towards eating. If you eat clean, whole foods for 30 days and see how it affects your body, it’s supposed to help you make an easier change. (The problem is that we are fed sugar at such an early age that it’s almost insane to try and quit it! After watching so many health food documentaries, I’ve learned that a sugar addiction is too real).

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